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A Parrot's Top Three - Gameplay
My personal top 3 of the gameplay in games in- and outside of the Steam Store in recent years:

1. To be decided
2. To be decided
3. To be decided
Honorable mention: To be decided

1. MyHouseWAD
2. Escape From Lavender Island
3. RoboQuest
Honorable mention: Risk of Rain: Returns

1. Metal: Hellsinger
2. Peglin
3. Rhythm Sprout
Honorable mention Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

1. Fuzz Dungeon
2. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
3. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
Honorable mention: Hidden Lands
Honorable tool mention: VTube Studio

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake [store.playstation.com]
2. What The Golf?
3. JEF
Honorable mention: XCOM: Chimera Squad
Honorable mod mention: RealRTCW

1. Sayonara Wild Hearts
2. Staxel
3. My Time at Portia
Honorable mention: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
A Parrot's Top Three - Soundtracks
As I am a musician at heart I also like to give some love to my favourite soundtracks in recent years:

1. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy
2. To be decided
3. To be decided
Honorable mention: To be decided

1. Goodbye Volcano High
2. To be decided
3. To be decided
Honorable mention: To be decided

1. Metal: Hellsinger
2. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+
3. Rhythm Sprout
Honorable mention: To be picked

1. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
2. Fuzz Dungeon
3. Nier Replicant
Honorable mention: Halo Infinite

1. Doom Eternal
2. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX [www.nintendo.com]
3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons [www.nintendo.com]
Honorable mention: Tanuki Sunset

1. Sayonara Wild Hearts
2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Honorable mention: Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition
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A Bird's Eye View Curator 🦜

Fair warning before reading the review, the developer has been very kind to reach out and ask for beta testing so this game has been gifted to me to supply feedback, however this review is and will stay my honest and unbiased opinion of the game! Also to be extra clear, this is a review based on playing it during an early access
Fuzz Dungeon is another surrealistic and trippy adventure by the master of absurdity Jeremy Couillard in which you play as a rat dog witch who ends up in the titular Fuzz Dungeon needing to perform various feats to recover the lost sasquatch sex amulet.

Visuals and Mechanics
The visuals of Fuzz Dungeon are a sight to behold! One moment you're staring at a rainbow coloured barn, or a fleshy wall, or uncanny gigantic meaty faces and the next moment everything turns all pastel coloured or 8-bit. At no point in the game does the aesthetic vibe feel samey or dull. As for the mechanics Fuzz Dungeon has the basic rules of walking, jumping and flying but every situation you get yourself in might vary this up with planting seeds or shooting lasers. Play the game and find out what other mechanics are included!

The immediate first thing I noticed when playing the game was how smooth the camera and controls are compared to the previous game (JEF) I played. At no moment in the game did I feel like the controls were restricting the experience and the focus was completely on experiencing the weird and figuring out what you were supposed to do and enjoying trying to get all the gold trophies. Sure, some of the stages had some minor edge cases that uprooted your hopes of a gold trophy but in those cases it was a quick reset of a minute lost and now you learned to avoid it, and if you're not a completionist just enjoying the game that's all moot anyways. All of the mini-games present in Fuzz Dungeon are familiar to you in some way like football, a runner game, a maze or even a chain of dialogue which again assisted in allowing the wackiness to take the front of stage where it never felt like needing to learn a skill to play the game. Lastly the variety of mini-games and styles is fantastic! There is hardly any overlap in how the mini-games function and the visual styles and soundtrack perfectly change along with the mini-games throughout the entire experience of a game.

The soundtrack of Fuzz Dungeon is an equally absurd experience as playing the game, it's all over the place in the best way possible! It goes from intense, to bizarre, to serious and then suddenly when the tension releases itself the soundtrack morphs into smooth jazz or an equivalent relaxing mood. It never gets dull and it never lets you be like oh I know what's coming next. On the side of sound design it's equally great from the nasty meat squishes and puking noises to mysterious and fantastical sounding flourishes when you plant a seed or reveal a passageway.

So in conclusion, how do you sum up a Jeremy Couillard experience? I'd say by stating that this is a game to experience for yourself and I'd say that you really should because it will not disappoint in blowing away both your expectations and your logical mind! With the fair warning that this is a game focused on looking stunning which will stress your computer playing it I would absolutely and completely recommend giving Fuzz Dungeon a go!

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And I've also made a guide if you aim to fully complete the game:
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Created by - Yingwu Usagiri
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Want to get all the Gold Trophies or even all of the achievements? This guide has you covered!
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A Bird's Eye View Curator 🦜

Little Witch Nobeta is a Souls like game that follows the story of a cute little witch and 'a' cat needing to fight their way to the throneroom of a big castle. Along the way they will find and fight a whole collection of friends and enemies.

Visuals and Mechanics
The visuals while purposefully 'washed out' and less vibrant are absolutely gorgeous with a lot of details in the environment and Nobeta is just straight up cute instead of hammering home the fan service. As for the mechanics it's as 'easy' as aim and shoot, jump, dodge, roll and trying to stay alive by any means possible with your select few spells getting gradually better as you collect the spoils from killed enemies. Think of it as a blend between Souls and Metroidvania.

The first thing I noticed was how much of a righteous mess the default controls are with jump on shift and roll on space etc. but me even mentioning this as a flaw sets the tone of how positive the rest of the review will be! The combat feels extremely satisfying with the ability to aim, charge a big attack, get critical hits despite having a decent amount of recoil and getting to plan the initial phase of a fight followed by then going in spells blazing with your rapid fire and melee. Don´t go overboard however as Nobeta will do an adorable belly flop when trying to roll while low on stamina and many other 'fumble' mechanics. Thankfully attacking uses Mana and not Stama- eh Stamina. Especially with the stamina mechanics and using the spoils of your kills to level up skills it's hard not to draw the paralel of calling Nobeta the cutest Souls Game yet. Also pretty much immediately the game teaches you that your combat skills aren't just for fighting and also used for platforming and getting around which is super cool! Even after a few bosses the game gets quite challenging which is great if you like brutal games like the Souls series.

The soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and almost angelic/divine sounding at some moments and then perfectly dark and dingy for a cave area. The sound design is equally on par with the music with your spells sounding significantly chunky and your melee clangy as you thwack someone over the head with a metal rod.

So in conclusion, the game is by no means perfect with some boss attacks just chaining you to death without an option to escape, some save points being stupidly far away, iffy visuals here and there and sounds 'getting stuck' on loading screens while it should just be silent but for an early access game I am SUPER impressed. The visuals, the gameplay, the enemy variety, the mechanics, Nobeta actually using her bag as the inventory, the music and sounds, it's all fantastic and I would absolutely recommend getting Little Witch Nobeta! I'm absolutely sure this game is going to get only more perfect as it comes out of Early Access.

P.S. the cat is a douche.

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