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Hades is an original Capture the Flag map set in a Greek-inspired underworld, featuring some unique mechanics!
Fight to rescue Redmond or Blutarch Mann's souls from the u
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Created by - aware of dog, Freyja, Diva Dan, DJB2401, Barno, and Yrrzy

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TuurtleTuurtle Sep 9 @ 7:44pm 
please sir sell me your spells, i need that mancers
The Canadian Toymaker Sep 5 @ 1:11pm 
Based for making TF2 Maps //Ilkays friend
Yrrzy Sep 5 @ 5:31am 
they will be released at some time in the future on TF2Maps.net
CurseOfCrits Sep 4 @ 3:42am 
hey I've been working on this medieval map that would take place in this amphitheatre (gladiator arena), set in rome and I want to know if I can use the textures used in Hades and how to get them. any help will be appreciated :)
Patrick Immel Aug 24 @ 11:19am 
question about mapping