Ace Jackson   Joutseno, Southern Finland, Finland
Some guy from Southern Finland. I like to make things.

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Sntr Jul 9 @ 9:27am 
you need to beat all waves of all six missions that are in Operation Titanium Tank

and seeing how this says that you haven't done anything yet (or it hasn't updated yet) you still got some bots to shoot
Jakub_jkj Jul 9 @ 9:24am 
Titanium tank
Sntr Jul 9 @ 9:21am 
mvm map as in Titanium Tank or?
Jakub_jkj Jul 9 @ 7:10am 
hey i complete mvm map what now? how to get medal
Sntr Jun 27 @ 10:28am 
hell if I know, I don't consider things like that when I make maps
ITstumbler Jun 21 @ 7:37am 

Sorry for commenting on your steam profile, but I'm just gonna ask a quick question:

What's the geographical coordinates of Dockyard and Shiver peak ? You made it, so you should be able to decide to coordinates :)

Thanks in advance, you can delete this if you want.