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Theodor   Brasov, Brasov, Romania
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About Me

Hi! My name is Somario, but my real name is Theodor, but call me Somario! Welcome on my Steam Profile! :lilac:

Age: 19
Country: Brasov,Romania
I borned in 05.09.2002
My birthday: 05.09.20XX

No more mission making due to lost hope and motivation. Real life awaits me as I couldn't develop my game...
Real Life! I am coming for you!

My PC:

- Intel Core i5 9400F 2.90GHz OC
- 8 GB DDR4 3600 MHz OC
- Corsair SK Hynix 8GB
- Samsung GDDR6 6GB
- Windows 10 Pro
- PCI-Express RGB

My equipment:

- Headset Marvo HG8914 Scorpion
- Keyboard + Mouse set A+ Gaming Model KGTMNM1
- Monitor ASUS VP228 LED

:medicon:Don't add me without a reason
:medicon: I will not accept peoples who has under lv 20 or VAC Bans or trade ban accounts
:medicon:If anyone didn't left me an comment on my profile, but if I know him online or in real life, I can accept the request
:medicon:If you want to use me as trophy or "added for friendship" you have big change to be my friend
:medicon:If you are trying to scam me on the trade i try to get you banned(without my friends)
:medicon:If an people or my friend makes me mad,nervous and ANGRY >:C i unfriend him and i BLOCK HIM and i eliminate on my group
:medicon:Don't add for trade because i deny your friend request
:medicon:Don't beg for free stuff or i will block you for a week!But if you do 2 or 3 times you will get instant unfriendly+blocked
:medicon:If I find some phising or hacking links which it makes to lose your account while someone sending message or checking on someone's profile description I will block him permanently, but if he was hacked I give chances.

Some informations

I am a MvM mission maker for No Fun Allowed Team, but I decided to take a break of making mission for NFA Team, but I won't to do that for potato custom mvm team and for workshop mvm maps, because I have a lot of work to do like, making sprite sheets for my future games, working on Ultimate Edition of SATROW and some stuffs.

I made a mission which it's passed in Madness Vs Machines Campaign: (ADV) Barren - Crucial Revenge

Missions made for Workshop:

- Estate - Tectonic Factory (Intermediate)
- Bonk Plant - Hydromechanical Lagoon (Expert)
- Cliffside - Mountain Excavation (Intermediate)
- Chopper - Blackout Backwoods (Advanced)
- Hanami - Shogun Academy (Intermediate)
- Shank - Wicked Halloweenfest (Advanced Wave 666 - not uploaded on Workshop)

Custom MvM missions for my personal experience:

-Rustvalley - Old Town Road (Intermediate)
-Autumnull - Autumnfest (Expert)
-Shiverpeak - Mighty Mountains (Normal)
-Akure - Mystical Hills (Expert Endurance - undone)
-Coastrock - Subwave Seaside (Intermediate Endurance - undone)
-Terrorlict - Haunted Graveyard (Intermediate Wave 666 - undone)
-Nox - Mettalica Slaughter (Expert Wave 666 - undone - maybe for Workshop or idk)
-Thematic - Northland Expedition (Advanced Endurance - undone - same)

Do I have Twitter? Yes I have. Check my Twitter account if you want to follow-up me in there

My current forms:
-Original- Summer 2017
-Super- Easter Holiday 2019
-Hyper- Reached 1k subs on my YT Channel
-Ultra Instinct - 5 years of my name (since 2017)
-Mastered UI - ???

My wishlist for my next birthdays:
-Unusual Samur-Eye
-Unusual Killer's Kabuto
-Strange Australium Black Box
-The Big Kill
-Strange AWPer Hand
-Strange Australium Minigun (for my Heavy loadout completion)

NOTE:These items will be earned BY getting a job, NOT begging for free!

I have discord so if you want to add me to talk with me it's fine, but the rules are same with the steam ones. Here is my tag: Hyper Somario#1180.

Well. Seems like I've got my Youtube channel back, so check this new one out if you want! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP9iOVsDPxQLrAHxvC9sm5w

Trade offer link but make sure you read the trade rules before trading.
Trade Offer

Let's get some stats about my favorite games:

At tf2 I play at community server with my favorite loadouts, but I usually play with my helpful loadouts at casual/competitive/mannup mode.

Australium Drops in Mann Up:
-Grenade Launcher in Gear Grinder Operation on Tour 5 completion (06/01/2020)

Well, I have some close friends and someone else which it's nice to me, but I don't think I have enough space to mention you all, but you're all awesome! ❤️

Somario's secret things for Halloween(Somario.exe):
1.Hello, do you wana to play with ME!?(Hey Somario,i want to play with ya)
2.You're too fast, interesting!
3.You're too slow! Want to try again?
4.FoUnD yOu
5.So many souls to play with...so little time! Would you agree?
6.Kyle didn't want to play with me, huh?What a shame
7.Don't worry, do you play with me, right...
9.Your turn has come!
10.That,which waits for you on the lock will soon leave, just listen. Hasten!
11.You're dead. Pathetic piece of meat!
12.Do you really think. You can control ME, huh!
13.Do you really wanna play... ! YOU ARE THE NEXT !
14.You will never know...That i am still here...I AM POWEFULL! (from Somario.unzipped a.k.a. Angry german kid.unzipped/DGK)
15.You IDIOT. You really don't understand ANYTHING, do you!?
(secret messages from Sonic.exe)

Things what i like:
:medicon:Cool Items
:medicon:Homeworks,school and vacantions
:medicon:To be an popular
:medicon:Playing FIFA 17 from Xbox One,other games from computer, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and other games on my phone
:medicon:Making stuff with Paint.Net and Adobe Photoshop CS6 makes me fun!

Things what i hate:
:medicon:scammers (because if someone wanna my hat and he didn't give me something,i should report this trade)
:medicon:To be grounded (thats the worst thing i ever seen)
:medicon:Hackers(i think someone has an hacks, but i should kick him or VAC ban him)
:medicon:To be banned on Forum And on Discord Server!
:medicon:To be kicked on steam groups

:medicon:Online:i talk with friends and watching Youtube video
:medicon:Away:my parents called me to help or eat lunch or dinner
:medicon:Busy:I do homeworks or i am working on a Super Mario Bros X. V.1.4.4 project or something
:medicon:Snooze:I am sleeping or...you know

Thanks for reading my information and have fun on my profile! :shantae_smile:
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No Fun Allowed! https://discord.gg/dtSaDTY
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