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:skul: Add without Comment = Instant Block! :skul: You may have heard of me. Founder of the No Fun Allowed [discord.gg] & Dancing Duelist groups. Feel free to join those if you want, I put a lot of work into running them!

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My Username on other platforms is always MikedeKokkie .

Welcome to my Steam Profile! This is where I spend a large amount of my life. If you'd like to know, I'll tell you a bit about myself.

Me and my personal/business life:
My name's Michael de Kok. I'm a 24 year old (01-10-1996) Dutchman. My life is split in two nowadays; by day, I am a Bioinformatian; someone who does Data Analyses for Biomolecular Sciences. By Night, I am a gamer and community leader. I organise a bunch of cool stuff in this Discord Server [discord.gg].

My main games are TF2 and Minecraft, the true titans of the game industry that never die. Otherwise I love puzzly single player games like the Ace Attorney series or Factory games.

Not much general music. I tend to get obsessed with specific video game soundtracks for some time and then move on with my life.

That's enough about me, I think, what about you?

If you're going to add me, or trade with me, please be worth my time.
Before you add me, read my rules in the "Items up for Trade" section!
If you did not, I will not accept you, or even block you, so be warned!

Have a good one!

- Michael "MikedeKokkie" de Kok
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--------------------------------x RULES FOR ADDING / TRADING WITH ME x--------------------------------

Because my Steam Level has increased so much, I've become exposed to a lot of unwanted attention, people, and other things. So please, keep this in mind.

Adding as Friend:
- I will most likely not accept your friend request if I do not recognise you from anywhere or if you leave no comment with a very good reason with why I should accept your friend request, so please do so to save us both time!

- I'm not selling most of my items. This is because I paid good money for most my collection. Please don't ask me to sell them to you, because I will not accept any offer that would not be grossly in my favour, which would be very unlikely because you could just get the item from someone else.
- It feels useless to put this here, but I'm aware of most scamming methods and I know my way around reporting you in many areas should you ever attempt to scam me. But who am I kidding, that's mostly done by bots and 10 year olds nowadays, it's not like they would read this...

REMEMBER : You can always leave a comment on my profile if you quickly want to say something without having to add me. My comments are public! You also don't need to add me to trade with me, just send me a Trade Offer !

Failing to comply to any of these rules will result in an extremely high chance of me blocking you, and sadly, I've had to block a lot of people that clearly did not read this.

Current Events & People worth mentioning.
Friends and Communities I love and want to mention.

The Beep Boyz team, my awesome real life gaming friends: MrGames, Joey, Ferbel, Steven, Paolos, Idonai and WLVV. Honestly I wouldn't know what do to in my life or here on Steam without them. :pleased:

Everyone in the my Discord Server [discord.gg]. Sadly I don't think I have enough space to mention you all, but you're all awesome!
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My most expensive loadout, now finally complete~~!!
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Guide for the hardest achievement, No Zapping
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==== For Pros with lots of time only====

See if you can find the 4 Spheres in the Aperture Science Testing Stronghold and make your way to the exit on the other side of the hall! Almost every element of the game is here to create the ultimate puzzle Lab
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Created by - MikedeKokkie
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No Fun Allowed! https://discord.gg/nofunallowed
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patrick Nov 19 @ 1:03pm 
dude like mikes kinda hot ngl
MFYukineeee Nov 14 @ 10:10am 
Martino Nov 11 @ 3:27am 
Haha funi :DE_Tasty:
JasoNMas73R Nov 8 @ 5:13pm 
Where's the beef? :shootme:
MikedeKokkie Nov 8 @ 2:02pm 
ja verwijder je comments maar watje, ik weet wie je bent richard
MikedeKokkie Nov 8 @ 12:11pm 
spuug hier maar over vies armoedig mexicaans klotekind, wie denk je überhaupt dat je bent