General jruokis the Merciless
Generolas.   Taurages Apskritis, Lithuania
I am not the man I used to be, Nor will i ever come back to him. I have learned from my ways and became much Wiser and Older. May the Young man live in memory.

I have 2200+ Hours on Heavy.
I created the biggest Heavy group on Steam.
I am the General of the Heavies.
I completed 5/5 Hale's Own Miniguns.
I have rare Exorcisms.
I was at the first and final NHBL conference.
And i allied SSBL and NHBL together.
Helped create NHBL's Fight Night.
Helped design Tournament Medals.
Heavy / Heavy Boxing Teacher.
One of the four eGO Horsemen.
I survived a hijack.
Won in a game with 3 Hackers.
Made 'Jruokis's Symbol'.
Made a TF2 Holiday.
I was in the Soviet Civil War.
I was in the Rebirth War.
I saw the end of the Han War.
I fought in the Battle of Barath Bar.
I became a Champion of the Rebirth.

Пока Blood-brother.

Don't bury yourself, Wütend.

You are better than this, Undead.

Until the last battle, sons.

Until you wake again, Lazyfinger.

Rest in Peace, Desmond.

I will always love you, my brother Koshmar.

I'm sorry, Brutus.

From a soldier to a General, Bog

Cheers to Gaius, a true King.

A flame in my heart, Scaldy.

We won the game of love, Kitty.

Be happy with your life, Fatalia. Not angry.


Bearded Expense: It is the old men who decide war, but it is the young men who fight it.

'We're a few, but a strong few' - General Jruokis

'When a story ends, another begins.' - Jruokis

'Only Idiots make things more complex.' - Jruokis

"Stay Golden, and thou whilst be beholden, to a future as rich as it is olden." - King Demomidas

"Wars aren't won by prowess, but by a choice of words." - Teddy Pootis

"The situations you find yourself in will help someone with the same problems tomorrow." - Steelbilly

"Every event in your life has already happened, you must simply cross the bridge." - Vicislav

"It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." - Captain Jean Luc Picard

"The best defense is a good offense." - Sun Tzu

"Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Be more than you seem to be." - Frederick the Great

"Death is the enemy, the first enemy and the last. The enemy always wins. And we still need to fight him." - Beric Dondarrion

"Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." - Otto von Bismarck

'The thing about Happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone' - Conrad Kellogg


Ex-Soviet Pootis Army Rank - Lieutenant General.

Ex-Iron Demoknights Rank - Shield-Lord.


Comfortable with rp/erp - Ask for chr. Info. Lines are able to be descriptive or short.

Cam : he truly is merciless

Intrusio: forget red, blu has jruokis

if you don't kill Vampire, he won't kill you

T S I: Jruokis, you can kill me because you find ways to defeat me and don't complain about dying.

[Lord] Hoovystein: How to kill general: 4 ubered Heavies with brass beasts

Steel: why do your fists crit everytime?

$Fafnir_KuN$: im glad i meet so many amazing people like you in the time playing this game

$Fafnir_KuN$: you truly are a legend

Jpm: Seeing General in the vents with crits = True Fear

Fempyro = SCARY

Just Monika
Currently Offline
The Legendary Heavy.

I have killed 170000 men

--------Don't try to scam me, or my friends will hunt you down---------

"I will keep fighting until my last breath, killing all of the bloody men i can. If i lose, i keep trying until i have victory and crush my enemies beneath my feet. I have lost many battles, but that does not mean I will not win more." -jruokis

I have rules, and if you can't understand them, Get out of here!

:headbash: 1. Don't mess with my friends.

:headbash: 2. Don't try funny ♥♥♥♥, or I'll ruin your life.

:headbash: 3. Put nice comments on my profile, and I will do the same to you.

:headbash: 4. I will delete any stupid insults you put on my profile.

:headbash: 5. Don't beg for anything.

:headbash: 6. If you act like a hacker or a scammer, I will block you right away.

:headbash: 7. I will not play with you unless I am in-game already or requesting.

:knockdown: 8. I hate the G.E.W.P, you can still be my friend, but please don't ask if i want to join it.


I'm a lithuanian Highlander Heavy also called Smoking Devil , The Merciless Heavy and Boogeyman .I was a UGC 4v4 Heavy and i can be extremely nice, but i can also be your nightmare. So don't piss me off while i'm doing something important. I started back in 2015 and made my way up here. I don't have much to tell,

:samuraiwarior: I own a group for Heavy Mains

:bshealth: I own a group for Medic Mains

:pitiless: The Admin over here

:masonfist: I was the previous co-owner / officer at

:combate: Previous SVP of Operations and Referee down at NHBL :combate:

Play this at my Funeral.

:star_points: My Heavy Symbol

:ArmorEmoticon: My Steamrep []

A great friend of mine did this pfp pic, His name is Bearded Expense

Hmm.. I wonder where my unusual mini went..

Moonlight by Msq.

Maker of the Tiger's Grasp

Maker of The Sandman Tactic

:red16: My name is pronounced as 'Jru - kis' or 'J - rook - is' mostly.

Thank you for the massive Donation, Kitty! We need more people in the world like you. :UGCWTraining:

:skulls: I usually chat on Discord: General Jruokis#1062

:RussianGunAK47: Feel free to add me. I will most likely accept. :RussianGunAK47:

:wordbearers: I don't trade for Unusuals and / or big amounts of money. I usually donate. [/b7
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Vamo' a caballo, en cuatro patas
Y borracho amanecimo' en la mañana
Yo me encontré con una escuadra
Y les dije pa' tomarnos unas jarras
Vamo' a caballo, en cuatro patas
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