General jruokis the Merciless
The Wise General.   Taurages Apskritis, Lithuania
I am not the man i used to be, Nor will i ever come back to him. I have learned from my ways and became much Wiser and Older. May the Young man live in memory.

I have 1300+ hours on Heavy.
Made the largest Heavy group on steam.
I was at the First NHBL Conference.
I had 4 unusual miniguns before.
And i allied SSBL and NHBL together.
Won in a game with 3 Hackers.
I survived a hijack.
Made 'Jruokis's Symbol'.
Was in the Soviet Civil War.
Was in the Rebirth War.
Was at the Battle of Barath Bar.
I am a Champion of the Rebirth.

I hope i see you again, Malice.

Don't bury yourself, Wütend.

In the Last Battle, sons.

I'm sorry Brutus.

I will always love you, my brother Koshmar.

Пока Blood-kin

PB: Have fun




Bearded Expense: "Older men declare war, But it is the youth that must fight and die."

"We're a few, but a strong few." - Jruokis

"A good book doesn't have to be a long one." - Jruokis

"Stories are never as intense as the real thing" - Jruokis

" When a story ends, Another begins" - Jruokis

"Problems make life interesting" - Jruokis

"There are no adults, just overgrown children" - Jruokis

"If Heavy is a glass bear, situations matter." - Jruokis

"Think of the worst in situations, so it might turn out better than you expected it to be."-Jruokis

"Every hardship you endure today makes you able to relate to someone else walking that path tomorrow." -Steelbilly

"Something always start From Nothing." -Jruokis

"You got to beat the beast before it knows you're there." -Jruokis

"A dom is nothing, a 100 kills is something" - Jruokis

"I creep into the night.. And slaughter in the Dark." -Jruokis

"Wars are meant to be won, but not in an aggressive way, instead using choice of words" -Teddy Pootis

"The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone."
- Conrad Kellogg


Ex-Soviet Pootis Army Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

λ Ŧ ѕ υ λ : Jruokis, you can probably beat me because you spend less time bitching than you do actually trying to counter me.

GrandJury : you're a monster

TheMagicBeanie : general you cuck

epicslayer23 : vampire.
epicslayer23 : Rot in hell.
epicslayer23 : You don't kill vampire, he won't kill you.

Bill Nye the Gibus Spy : Fuck you general

Gaalxy : merciless plz

KingOfNova : do those fist always crit

DirtyWaterMelon : fuck red. blue has jruokis

Frebresio : it's honestly awesome to have jruokis

Sung Sun: general pls

[Master] ThePootinator : New strat to kill General jruokis, send in 5 uber crits heavies

-={o.W.n}=- MrPixonder : general you f*cking tryhard xD

Jpm : True fear = Seeing General in the vents while he has crits

Currently Online
The Legendary Heavy.

I have killed 72000 men

--------Don't try to scam me, or my friends will hunt you down---------

"I will keep fighting until my last breath, killing all of the bloody men i can. If i lose, i keep trying
until i have victory and crush my enemies beneath my feet. I have lost many battles, but that does not mean I will not win more." -jruokis

I have rules, and if you can't understand them, Get out of here!

:headbash: 1. Don't mess with my friends.

:headbash: 2. Don't fuck with me, or I'll ruin your life.

:headbash: 3. Put nice comments on my profile, and I will do the same to you.

:headbash: 4. I will delete any stupid insults you put on my profile.

:headbash: 5. Don't beg for anything.

:headbash: 6. If you act like a hacker or a scammer, I will block you right away.

:headbash: 7. I don't care about your "life problems or Mental problems".

:knockdown: 8. I hate the G.E.W.P, you can still be my friend,
but please don't ask if i want to join it.


I'm a lithuanian Highlander Heavy also called Smoking Devil , The Merciless Heavy and Boogeyman .I am a UGC 4v4 Veteran and i can be extremely nice, but i can also be your nightmare. So don't piss me off while i'm doing something important. I started back in 2015 and made my way up here. I don't have much to tell,

:fearsomeaura: I own a group for Heavy Mains

:fearsomeaura: I am mod in a another community

:pitiless: The Admin over here

:fearsomeaura: I am the co-owner / officer at

:combate: I am a Referee down over at NHBL :combate:

:fearsomeaura: My UGC team,

:commandmajor: My Heavie's Theme

A Great friend of mine did this pic, His name is Bearded and he is a Heavy main as well!

Hmm.. I wonder where my unusual mini went..

Maker of the Tiger's Grasp

Maker of The Sandman Tactic

My Symbol :skldth:

You're a beast, Musique. Keep being amazing.

Helping these Medics out :medicon:

Gave this man my Aussie, hope he uses it well

:RussianGunAK47: I hunt and track Scammers, Script Kitties and Runners :RussianGunAK47:

:wordbearers: I Rarely trade for Unusuals and / or big amounts of money.
Workshop Showcase
**UPDATE 2.3**
A little improvement on the loop sound.

**UPDATE 2.2**
Small improvements on the intro and outro taunt sequences, big improvement on the drum sound, and small rig adjustments on the drum.

**UPDATE 2.1**
Major improveme
4,117 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - EmperorFaiz.wav and DeadNexus_

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2,360 hrs on record
last played on Nov 11
12.0 hrs on record
last played on Oct 17
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last played on Sep 16
Thanks ;)
Kritzstein 22 hours ago 
A merciless killer. Welcome to the Nice List, comrade.
Pope Abibe Nov 12 @ 12:46am 
nah, spy/soldier main
Great to hear, Sergeant.
Sergeant Radovan The Medic Nov 10 @ 8:45pm 
i'm getting back into playing heavy
I do as well