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If I don't know you, Comment before adding me. kthxbby
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100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Bio About Me
Hello! I am generally a fun person to play with! I love to play TF2, pubbing with freinds, and getting myself killed like an idiot ;D My friends also say I sound like this guy. I'm also an art fanatic! Any and all art I get made of my Heavy, I will post in my art, and credit you in the description. One more thing, as humans we tend to be tricked sometimes in our lives. Meaning when you think someone is a good person, but as it turns out; they are not. Hackers and phishers are out there, and we tend to do something about it. But, most people STILL fall for it. As of now, I ONLY add those who's accounts aren't private and are public. If you add me and your account is private, you WILL be blocked! Also, state your reason why you are adding me!!! If you don't I won't accept it! make sure to be aware! The world of tech has more going on in it than you think.

The Rulez List
(1.) Comment before adding me.
(2.) Please don't beg for stuff of mine.
(3.) Respect me, and I'll do the same to you.
(4.) Stay active, and have some actual human interaction with me once in a while.
(5.) Please also treat my friends with the same respect you'd treat me with.

My Best Mates



Q. Why did you remove me?
A. You either didn't talk to me that much, I didn't like you, or you annoyed me in some way.

Q. I'm new, can I have free stuff?
A. Hmmm. Lemme think about that...

Q. Can you teach me some tips for Heavy?
A. If you want to know how to play Heavy, see my guide. If you still don't understand, I can train you myself.

Q. Can I have TF2 art for myself?
A. Commissions are currently closed, but they will be open again soon.

Q. Heavy takes no skill! Burn in hell, you noob!
A. Heavy does not require much skill, but more thinking. You can give me your opinion, just dont be an asshat about it.

Q. How do I get in the closest friends list?
A. You need to be a very good friend of mine. Most of these people I know in real life, and talk to regularly.

Q. What is your least fav. flavor of cake?
A. Is that even possible, m8?

Q. Are you and Milky a coup-

Skype - Depends on the person.
Steam - wait what the fuck
Discord - https://discord.gg/KrrVZZx
iFunny - Bearded_Expense [ifunny.co]
Twitter - @BeardedExpense
YouTube - Bearded Expense
Gamebanana - Bearded Expense [gamebanana.com]
PSN - BeardedExpense [my.playstation.com]
Lol xd - ew no
PornHub - BigDick79

Away - (not at my computer lol)
Online - I'm doing something unimportant. Feel free to talk to me.
Busy - Doing something important. Refrain from sending me a message, if It's not too urgent.
Offline - Either I'm asleep, or actually doing something in the real world.
In-Game Team Fortress 2 - If I'm in a server, don't expect a quick reply from me. I may be on a Godlike KS for all you know, pal.

Best Conversation
Demongar: im making a tv show for kids
Demongar: little kids
Demongar: and the first episode is
Blockz: "Cool Cat's Day Out."
Demongar: a video of 3 middle aged men eating loudly
Demongar: and halfway through one of them just croaks
Demongar: and dies in the middle
Demongar: the other 2 dont notice or care
Blockz: I'd pay to watch that.
Bearded Expense: And when the other two men finish thier meal, they eat the dead guy.

Best Moment In TF2
(TEAM)Bearded Expense: We should all just go Heavy.
Every1 else: Okee Dokee, sir
Bearded Expense: Wait, what really
25 seconds later
This is pretty much what happens when people listen to my shitty ideas.

Good Quotes
"A new disaster movie idea: God stretches his balls in front of the sun." - Demongar

"What if mystery flavor AirHeads are really semen flavor :o" - Milky

"Your ass is grass, and my cock is the weed whacker!" - Blockz

"I'm Black Jesus with a blunt, and you're fat Hitler with a cunt." - Hpack

"Boobs are proof that men can focus on two things at once." - Qrow

"Lasagna is actually spaghetti flavored cake" - CinnamonToastChaos

"you eat the ass? ew, that's where poopoo comes from" - Ornamental

Dream Unusual 1 - Purple Energy Hound Dog
Dream Unusual 2 - Green Energy Hound Dog
I'm ESFP. [www.16personalities.com]
Relationship Status - ERROR
Ultimate Ship - Donald Trump X World War 3

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I Added You Cause U Seem Like A BadAss Heavy Main
Bazergji00 19 hours ago 
We are on the same group of the youtuber big yoey slap nuts and you look so cool 😂
Josefthedude1490 Apr 23 @ 12:45pm 
Hey I just added you because we met for a long time ago
KingPingviini Apr 21 @ 5:08pm 
Added to chit chat about art and other shit.
『Bearded☆Expense』 Apr 21 @ 10:17am 
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jas The Merchant | trade.tf" Apr 21 @ 10:16am 
Titled 500 shades of Reuben