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If you want to add me, please leave a goddamn comment explaining why.

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"Rosemary, please come back!"
🔪🎩🎃🎭💗💞🎄Welcome to my profile!🎄💞💗🎭🎃🎩🔪
Hello and welcome to my profile!

it's unusual for you to be here, but anyway i hope you will enjoy your stay here.

well, here's some info about me.

.I am a mission maker, so i will be posting my missions on the link below

.I am also a small mvm youtuber, as you can see from my Youtube Account

.I am a really strict and cruel critic, and will mostly pick out ANYTHING wrong.

.I like to do anything MvM related, mostly thinking up robot ideas and missions.

.If you want to download some of my missions and tours, here's my Gamebanana page [gamebanana.com]

.I'm british, tally ho good chap! you want some tea? tough shit i hate tea, you can have coffee instead :grenny:

.I'm a girl, a psychopathic one at that. If you're into that shit then ignore this bit :swimmiekoangry:

.I'm also Narcoleptic, which means i'm always fucking sleepy (not tired, because being tired isn't being cute.) and well, like to fall asleep often. Mostly against my own will but i don't care, i love sleeping anyway. ( definitely not because that's what most hoes do :grenny: )

Adding Requirements:

:diamond: level 10 or higher
:diamond: MUST comment why you want to add me.
:diamond: NO private profiles.
:diamond: you actually have to read my fucking profile, i'll always turn down your request regardless of who you are without a good comment.

that's all for the rules.

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Phat Guinea Pig.
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According to [insert lab name here], marshmallows are number one cause of puffy cheeks on British Isles.
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Happy birthday to you~! :mpgb_ayumi: