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🔪🎩🎃🎭💗💞🎄Welcome to my profile!🎄💞💗🎭🎃🎩🔪
Hello and welcome to my profile!

it's unusual for you to be here, but anyway i hope you will enjoy your stay here.

well, here's some info about me.

.I am a mission maker, so i will be posting my missions on the link below

.I am also a small mvm youtuber, as you can see from my Youtube Account

.I am a really strict and cruel critic, and will mostly pick out ANYTHING wrong.

.I am doing robot render posters for 2 ref, add me if you want a commission!

.I like to do anything MvM related, mostly thinking up robot ideas and missions.

.If you want to download some of my missions and tours, here's my Gamebanana page [gamebanana.com]

Adding Requirements:

:diamond: level 10 or higher
:diamond: MUST comment why you want to add me.

that's all for the rules.

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DarkDragonian [DFS] Mar 17 @ 8:54am 
It is the so-called "power of anticipation", which I totally hate but there's no other way around it.
DarkDragonian [DFS] Mar 17 @ 8:47am 
Well it's just me being a sucker for MvM in general.
(How I got in there is still a wonder for me... guess that's what I get for running randomly through the community.)
DarkDragonian [DFS] Mar 17 @ 8:31am 
"If you want to join the group, please notify me."

Well, there you have it.
★ Conga ★ Feb 28 @ 7:32am 
[SKVR] Clener74 Feb 28 @ 7:23am 
You'd be right about that. Then again if you ask me, I'm not sure if it's that necessary. :SisterRam: