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You know that feeling you had as a kid waking up early on a saturday to go boot up your Nintendo 64 and play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Yes? Well guess what? Half-Life: Alyx actually achieved giving me that feeling again. And that is a monumental achievement unclocked for someone who has played everything ever made since 1982.

It finally made VR worth it to me. It's a full fledged Half-Life game so full of nostalgic and familiar awesome moments, just this time around - you're actually there. Have you ever wanted to pick up a dead headcrab and shake it so the legs dangle back and forth like a dead turkey? You can do that.

My wife also caught me slav-squatting on the floor cursing at one point. What I was really doing was having a shootout with some combine behind a concrete wall, blindshooting my pistol over the ledge. She lost all hope in her husband and left the room - but I felt like Chuck Norris, so who cares. There were a looot of moments like that. Full immersion.

You will spend unescessary amounts of time:

- Picking up everything and looking at it from all angles.
- Throwing stuff out of windows.
- Cleaning window-frames of broken glass.
- Putting stuff into other stuff.
- Taking stuff out of other stuff.
- Opening drawers, cupboards and refridgerators. OCD people will die.
- Looking at dead zombies real close.
- Picking at dead things and shaking them.
- Holding a dead zombie head in your hand and shooting it in the temple execution style.
- Picking up a blaster-mag when you reload too quick and drop it.
.... and so forth.

Bottom line: The game had me hooked from the moment it started to the very end. I even sat through the credits. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. And it feels like this was just the first step in the continuation of the Half-Life franchise. Good things to come?

10/10 - mindblowing. - and most likely Game of the Year.
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Isnt that the famous Grandiosamannen
SkyMarshall Arts Apr 5, 2020 @ 11:44am 
I spent about 23 hours in it, but you can get through it in about 15.
MotoNoKiwamiBaboshiShaalaBanana Apr 5, 2020 @ 8:42am 
How long is the gameplay of Half life Alyx?