Κυνθία, So   London, Westminster, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:ACCRcrest: • Please leave business in comments before adding me.

:templars: • I'll decline to request for friendship and artwork.
 ◽직장일로 잘 안 들어옵니다. 용무 시 디스코드 혹은 블로그 안부글 로 하세요.

 :LightBlueCube:◽My profile is always setting to my artworks.
   ◾You can see the more details in the steam artworks.

 :PinkCube: ◽I do not accept your ANY request. (friendship, artwork, and drawing request)

 :YellowCube: ◽If i'm offline, please visit the person below if you have urgent business.

    ◽ServerTech Help
     ◾Eggsy - technical help (SM, SRDS…)
     ◾Nostalgia - technical help (JS, PY, SRDS…)

     ◾Ezstrox - translate help (EN…)
     ◾Frenz - translate help (EN, CN…)
     ◾Kaito - translate help (EN, JP, RU…)
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오랜만에 메세지 남겨보네요, 올해는 즐거운 할로윈 보내시길 바랍니다 :D
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