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Greetings from Rathinosk Tibron
I am Rathinosk, but you may call me Rath.

:p2blue:I'm a professional computer guy and part-time gamer. I've been playing computer games for decades and remain a fan of good old-fashioned RPGs and Adventure:2600dragon: games.:p2orange:

I can, however, be found playing many different types of games. I have recently started streaming random games on Twitch.

Twitch Channel: Rathinosk [twitch.tv]

:gmod: Games Collection :terraria:

Over the past 15+ years, I have managed to accumulate over 3,000 games here on Steam, including lots of excellent games and lots of crappy games. I am always seeking additional games to put me over the 4,000-game level.

If you feel like sending me a game I don't currently own, no matter how awful it is, go ahead and send it. If I acquire the same game elsewhere, I'll give the extra copy away to a friend, or put it up on SteamGifts.

:tradingcard: Trading Cards :tradingcardfoil:
I will typically trade my duplicate trading cards for other cards in the same set only . I will consider n:1 trades for all other cards, including cross set, particularly if the two offered cards help fill a non-marketable set.

     Find me on Steam Trade Matcher [www.steamtradematcher.com]


     Trade with me directly using my Trade Link !

:yuuki: SteamGifts Visitors! :sakurabeachmomoko:

For those of you visiting my profile from SteamGifts [www.steamgifts.com], please keep in mind that I pick up 1-3 free Steam games from various sources almost every day - sometimes when I enter a giveaway, I may later acquire the same game by another means (maybe even the same way you got your copy). When I *entered* the giveaway, I didn't own the game.

I do my best to remove myself from giveaways when I find new Steam games, but sometimes I miss one - it's not like the site automatically removes them. I will never knowingly attempt to use a duplicate Steam code. Feel free to check SteamTools and you'll see it's clear.

                              :rcry: Don't blacklist me, just ask for a reroll.

I typically end up with extra Steam codes, some obtained for free, some from bundles, or received from giveaways or offers. The games I don't give away to friends, go up on SteamGifts when I get time. :tlove:

Have a nice day!


(⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)

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Value: $31809 ($8498 with sales)
Games owned: 3427
Games played: 1793 (52%)
Hours on record: 25,146.0hh
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I am open to 1:1 trades for all duplicates and non-marketable cards. I will consider n:1 trades for all other cards, including cross set, particularly if the offered cards help fill a non-marketable set.

Find me on Steam Trade Matcher [www.steamtradematcher.com]


Trade with me directly using my Trade Link !
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Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored When I started the Dark Brotherhood quest line for the first time, I spotted the tenets sign on the wall and strolled over to take a look. I was very disappointed to see that the tenets were completely illegible. Even after
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76561198026502947 Trade Banned Jun 19, 2023 @ 11:38pm 
Hello, I would like to ask if you trade humble bundle, fanatical cd-keys, even if you do not trade them, I am looking for a few old bundled ones, so you might have a few and I'm ready to offer some games from your wishlist, in case you are interested - accept my friendship, I'm also ready to go first if we find decent trade for both of us, thanks(seen your profile on games collectors group)
Arnurion Dec 24, 2019 @ 3:50am 
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of happiness and achievements (in life and in gaming)!!!!!!!
My Fuzzy Herman Jun 21, 2012 @ 5:41pm 
Holy crap - hey there, Midrik! I feel stalk-ish, lol
Rathinosk Jun 21, 2012 @ 12:32pm 
I wish I could 'migrate' my full game collection into Steam - it would free up a lot of space on my shelf and eliminate a couple of big disk boxes.
81MiDagerPCGameaholic Jun 20, 2012 @ 6:19pm 
yeah, more than half that I don't play or haven't played for a long time. A lot being purchases from sales, ect. I actually wish I could get rid of some lol.
Rathinosk Jun 20, 2012 @ 5:54pm 
Heh, that's quite the collection you have there!