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The Man of the Mountains   Netherlands
I play :D:/ áll the games.

Thank you for clicking the "view more info" link, expressing your interest in what I type on my profile here.

I'm known as The Games Collector (TGC 4 short).
I collect games, play them, and then... well, I'm done playing them.

Mostly doing singleplayer games tho, but I might just be in a rare mood to play some multiplayer gaems too. Fill free to ask when I'm "looking to play" or not doing anything at all, I currently got an extra TeraByte drive so I might just have most of the games installed.

The story so far;
In 2009, the magical forces that be intricately began to stir... And in a blast, out of nowhere a new Steam account spawned into existence. Many virtual realms were crying out for a hero, and this Steam account delivered. Avatars were magically deployed into these despairing realms, to help the poor suffering inhabitants of these alternate universes.
Slowly but surely this humble little account grew larger, from all the attention it garnered from these heroic feats no doubt. And more virtual universes were disovered. Not all of them in as much trouble, some were even quite inviting as a holiday place.
Aspiring to discover and explore them all, this brave account set forth to start a quest which will probably prove to be never-ending...
But this is a task not just for one person... so, accounts from all over the world gathered in a Steam Group, in order to find the best virtual places in existence for others to visit.

To track my achievements, I use MetaGamerScore;
It's nice it keeps track of it over multiple networks, for even beyond Steam, there's games to be found.

As for magical box that renders my virtual worlds.
These are the specs;

Case : Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker
PSU : SilverStone ST1200-G Evolution 2.0 1200W

Board : Asus 2011 Rampage IV Extreme
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4960X CPU @ 3.60GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory : Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR3-1866

Video Card : AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB
Monitor : ASUS 27" LED - ROG Strix

OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
OS Drive : SSD Crucial MX100 512GB
Game Drive: 3TB Sata III

Apart from gamin' I also watch a ton of movies, because movies are easier than games, you just sit, push 1 button, and you can get to the ending just like that. It's just fascinating.
I also tried books, but they're a bit complicated, no buttons at all, how do you activate those things!? Why don't they work like e-books!?

here's some cookies for getting this far :D: :

if you want to give or get some games, check out:

Curious about the prices of Steam trading cards?

Games Collectors Steam Group

MetaGamerScore []

I also got stricken with the Twitters by the way.
(If you don't like what I have to tweet, don't be "thát guy" on the gaming networks. Please keep all drama on the correctly assigned media networks. )

Major skill; "Luck."

Please be patient with me.
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Trading any card I got duplicate, for anything I don't have yet.

Haven't got a stupidphone for that crappy app, so trades get locked for a while.
It's annoying... Best to trade in bulk or something, at least that'll make it worth the weight.
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The good ol Lunar Lander game, but now in full 3D awesomeness.

Really awesome game.
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