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Hei. if you could leave a comment for why you added me that'd be great. And stop added me to trade, I don't trade at all. thx.
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♥●▬▬▬▬▬▬●♥ Welcome to my profile! ♥●▬▬▬▬▬▬●♥
Sometimes..... I like to jump in my pool and pretend to be a potato and make potato noises

I'm not sure what I want to put here really so I guess I'll just write something here...soo....Hi I'm Vampy my personality is really random like a horse and a squarrel who likes ice cream and butts. I also love technology and would love to help you with your tech related problems like troubleshooting or building your first pc. I also looove music and I'm a guitarist. Been playing for about 10 years now I love all kinds of genres but mostly rock and metal like Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, or Tool, but I'm pretty open to anything really. If you'd like to chat with me but not sure how I would respond the best way to do so is just bring up some music or sned me a couple of links with what songs they are or better yet just say something completely random and stupid. First thing that pops into your mind that's also great anyway for those of you who have a tight schedule or just don't feel like reading a lot I'll leave this here. If you really want to learn about me just hit that Add Friend button or if you have already shoot me a message. Tootaloo!
Pet me I guess c: [please.pet]

Some Basic Info

Friends limit: 1400ish
Sexuality: Lesbian (Shit happens man)
Religion: Nicolism (Its really a thing) [nicolism.com]
Age: 18 (B-Day Oct. 11th)
Gender: Female
Favourite Game: Counter Strike Global Offensive
CSGO Rank: Legendary Eagle Master
Favourite Game Genre: Survival, Simulation (Racing and Aircraft), First Person Shooters, VR Games
Languages: Vodka, London, Nazi

I love you Sophie

Where has all the tea gone?

Anyway I always try to respond to every message, but I get alot lately so please don't be upset when you get no response..Im just busy then. Thats it :p
Put your hands between your legs and say konichiwa!
Oh yeah take a picture of me dangling from the balcony

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This guide is a more updated version of my old guide on how to survive in DayZ
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Here at Visual Elite Industries we have moved our first VTOL into mass producion. The Purrx. It is able to haul, refine, and produce components and perfectly suited for survival. We have tested the ship many times on all three planets (including moons) due
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Created by - ✪ Vampy™

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Have a nice day.
Sign my profile XD
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+rep is a vampire
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Don't do drugs kids
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u better accept my invit if u are a girl, dont accept if u are a gay