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Really enjoyed the social deception part of this game, it’s a blast to play especially with friends. At the start of the game, players get randomly assigned as one of the 6 survivors vs 2 traitors. Survivors and traitors can have special roles, like hacker, soldier, scientist and more. No one among the survivors will know who are the traitors. The fun comes from figuring out who the traitors are.

The survivors need to escape within 30 minutes by calling for an escape vehicle, and are given objectives to complete to do so, like repairing station for radio communication to call for help during the end. Doing so requires you to collect and craft materials, and sometimes digging at specific spots hinted by pictures of the hidden spot all over the map. To help the survivors, there are bunkers filled with items including repair materials, food and weapons which you can open only with the help of at least 2 other players. Survivors will need to help looking out for each other where you can divide the tasks, craft materials and open bunkers. Eliminate the traitors by killing them or exile them by voting, leaving them out in the cold. This is why communication is key to winning as survivors.

Traitors will stop the survivors by whatever means necessary. There are crates and transport hatches for fast travel around the map that only traitors can use, but be careful unless you want to get spotted. Traitor crates grant advantages such as early access to weapons, poisons and traps, all the more to help you eliminate and stop the survivors.

The social aspect of the game is top-notch. Working together requires you to communicate by mic, and since traitors can blend and employ various strategies you never feel safe as a survivor. As example, a traitor can “help” with repairs and then choose to terminate survivors during the “escape”. Or a simple “call for help” to a single survivor to separate him from a group sets up for an easy picking off to kill the survivor. As voice chat is proximity based, no one will hear the scream.

There’s crafting and survivor mixed into this game. Collect ingredients and you can cook food, craft materials such as equipments and weapons. Traitors can even craft food with poison and “drop” them around for people to pick up. For survival, it’s essential to keep warm and well fed, and staying out to long without camp fire or going hungry will kill you. There are wild animals like wolf and bear who will threaten you but also provide good source of food and fur for crafting. Every few minutes, there will be events like blizzard that makes the game more challenging. Even as a group of survivors you may get separated during such events from “teleportation” and “disorientation”.

Overall, a very entertaining game of coop with survival, crafting and social deception thrown into the mix. Looking forward to more variety of missions and character roles to play.
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