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I will never randomly add you to trade expensive items.
In non-Steam game
Do Not Add Me Randomly, Please.
**IMPORTANT*** I do not accept random friend invitations.

PLEASE POST your add request on the forum or trading thread you found me or your friend request WILL be ignored.

(Sorry, but I don't even read who the invites are from before hitting 'ignore all'. A dozen random add requests a day from scammers/spammers makes it too much work to check them all out - so let me know with a post if you're adding me for a reason.)

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Eχis†enƵ 6 hours ago 
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Eχis†enƵ Jun 29 @ 5:01am 
:abz3: :_W_::_E_::_E_::_K_::_E_::_N_::_D_::t_down::t_up::pinkneonheart:
D4_ Jun 27 @ 12:43am 
"Islands of Insight" is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:
Eχis†enƵ Jun 15 @ 6:42am 
:abz3: :_W_::_E_::_E_::_K_::_E_::_N_::_D_::t_down::t_up::pinkneonheart:
Thordred Jun 5 @ 1:52pm 
 :ru_1::TheTimeSlower::TheTimeSlower::TheTimeSlower::TheTimeSlower::TheTimeSlower::ru_2:   :goimoon:
 :XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange::fstarcoffee:     :infusedwindow:
 :XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange::linked5::XYOrange: :sawy3:
 :shiftbcb::shiftbcb::stairs::CD3VintageCar::MPlant::CD3HotRod::shiftbcb: :rco_bike:  :FateTree:   :sailingboat:
Eχis†enƵ Jun 2 @ 5:33am