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Castle story is still a mess, in both gameplay and performance

Castle story Is a great castle construction simulation game. Most of the other features are pretty mediocre and half baked.

Creating castles and watching your little dudes work their hearts out is cool and entertaining, and the way you craft the little doodads in this game, like armor or turrets, has the potential to be really fun.

As it stands now, Sandbox is the only real mode that makes sense for the features they introduced, so if all you want to do is build awesome massive castles, this game is for you. With the inclussion of "Dev mode" you could do it quickly too.

Castle story has two other game modes, all of which by the way, can be played multiplayer(which can also be played VS). One mode is called invasion, which is a wave based go till you die situation. The last game mode is called conquest, were you must abandon your castle and build new castles all over the map to capture Crystal Shards that enimies spawn out of. Get them all and you win. if Conquest sounds like the last thing you want to do in a Castle building and defending game, you're right.

Invasion and conquest get repetitive and frusterating as the match time goes on. About 30 min in you would have built everything, and the only thing left to do is micro manage your Bricktrons, which gets worse as the game goes on because of the technical problems with the AI the game still has. It seems to me like the AI Bricktrons have a really hard time building things together in tight spaces and when there are more than 4 Bricktrons on the same task.

This is my problem with this game as of v1.0 in a nutshell.

  • The enimies in the game (Corruptrons) are boring as hell, the way they look, and how they function. even though they are smart enough to break through your weak walls and dig tunnels under you, they are still predictable zombies.
    Corruptrons are Ugly, they are plain looking and dull, they are robots made of rock, its not even interesting to fight them even if they were unpredictable and fun. They dont have varients among them that would make you want to build a bigger stronger castle. A two brick high wall is all it takes to stop them, and then all thats left is to mop them up with ranged units. Corruptrons can throw rocks, but theres no real ranged danger, and theres no flying enimies.

  • The game does not support the player in what the game is made for...Building castles. Theres no reason what so ever to make cool castles or thick castles. the game is about fixing broken walls and broken AI.

  • There is no story. Not that i was expecting one for a game like this. But theres not even a Campaign mode were you have to build a castle *this high for some NPC Bricktron or something. Not that, that is the type of game they want to make but, theres is no incentive to do the one thing the game was built for...Building castles

  • The most difficult enemy in this game is your battle witht he bad AI. micro and macro managing your Bricktrons failures is most of the game. Making sure stairs and hallways are double wide unnecessarily in the hopes that the littles ♥♥♥♥♥ won't halt halfway toward the job, carrying the resource, and decide lifes to much and walk all the way back to the stockpiles. this problems is multiplied the more Bricktrons are on the same task.

  • The AI is still not right. Both enemy and friendly seem to be unable to do the simplist thing, that i could have sworn, i've seen done in similar games.

  • The worst offender out all of these problems, i think, is when you get into the double digits of Bricktrons 10 or more bricktrons the game suffers lag spikes in regular intervals. The little yellow workers become confused, perplexed and disorganized the more of their kin are on the map.

  • The default maps the game start with are pretty cool and well designed i think. Except for the fact that theres not enough brimstone and iron spread around the map, There is defenitly a hard limit on the complexity of your defences in long play sessions. That being said, there is Workshop support and there are many great maps made by the community.

In short "...theres is no incentive to do the one thing the game was built for...Building castles"

FYI I backed this progect, however im not reviewing v1.0 full game based on my long history and hype with the game.

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