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If abortion is murder, then fapping is genocide?
We live in a generation where DELETING history is more important than MAKING history
Just when you think you hate someone, they do this act of generosity.
If sperm cells are from the testicles, does that mean ball is life?!

• You know you play too much Napoleonic Wars when you try and press C to chant in other games.
• You know you play too much NW when you see a guy in real life that looks like your in-game character.
• You know you play too much NW when you stick a butter knife from the kitchen onto a broomstick and pretend it's a bayonet and start making drills.
• You know you play too much NW when you start walking as if you was marching in a line.
• You know you play too much NW when you start walking at the same steps with friends to feel like a line.
• You know you play too much NW when you are knifed in another game and wonder how you died because you were pressing RMB the entire time.
• You know you play too much NW when you start humming its music and saying the ingame chants at random times in real life.
• You know you play too much NW when you're sitting in math class and thinking about gameplay memories and the teacher asks you for the answer and you're just like "Oh shit... What's the question?"
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The Feels Box (Not my personal stories lol)
>guy in TF2 talking on the mic with a thick arab accent
>"You all go now. GO to fight the bad. I stay defend. They no get past. I stay, you go fight. I alone stay for to defend. Take their box. I stay"
>someone tells him to shut the f*** up
>I tell them to shut up and let him talk if he wants to (because I think he's funny to listen to)
>he adds me
>every f***ing game I play with him he does the exact same sh**
>"I am Tank. I wait by helicopter. You kill. I won't let through. You kill. Boomer man, go vomit. I guard helicopter. You go."
>"You put portal there. Good. I wait. You discover answer. I know answer. Keep portal there. I will put portal when need. Keep putting portal. Good. Do you see? I wait. You put portal. Good."
>just talking non-stop every f****ing game we play
>Arab Spring (Arab Revolts in the Middle East) happens
>I have no idea where he lives
>one day he sends me a message
>"bad times friend ahead"
>"maybe no computer"
>"maybe no home"
>"i go away but we are two of soul"
>"i will return"
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Good luck, you wonderful bastard

When I was in 8th grade, I had a friend named Melissa. I had a huge
crush on her and, looking back at it, I can sayl loved her more than any of
the women I date now at the age of 25. Melissa was killed in a car
accident with her parents. She never knew how I felt. Sometimes i think if I
would have told her she'd still be alive. I made a family and Melissa was
my wife. We had two kids and millions of Simoleons. Every few years I
still turn on my old PC to see how she's doing. She's happy.

>5th grade, 11 years old
>New kid comes to school
>He's extremely shy
>Decide to approach him
>Turns out, he's a Zelda fanatic like me
>Become best friends over the course of the year
>One day he comes over to my house with a gilt
>It's a little notebook covered with pictures from various Zelda games.
>The next October, he's diagnosed with Leukemia.
>l visit him every so often, just to keep his spirits up.
>During one of my visits, he mentions that he has to get a bonemarrow transplant.
>The operation was unsuccessful.
>He dies the next April.
>Fast forward to now.
>17 years old
>Searching through old stuff. when I see the notebook.
>Realize I never opened it.
>First page:
"Dear Craig,
I know this isn't much, but I want you to have it since you are a Zelda maniac. (No olfense, I am too.)
Sincerely, James.
P.S. Thank you for being my friend."
I cried. So fucking hard.

>be 17. the summer before college
>camping with best friend. bros for 10 years. been through so much shit together
>be dyel. but bro played football and lifted
>-trying to teach me about lifting. wants us to pick up girls together next year in college
>hiking in the afternoon. we're pretty far into the forest. nobody else in sight
>bro is hiking up ahead of me. we're both enjoying the quiet and connecting with nature
>hear a massive cracking sound. thinking about it still sends chills down my spine
>crack is followed by the crashing sound of something falling
>-something is a giant tree
>faIIing towards my bro
>try to warn him but it's too late. the tree is on top of him
>race over to help
>he's trapped underneath. the tree is on his chest. he can't breathe. he's choking to death
>try to Iift the tree. put everything I have into it. it won't budge
>soon he's not breathing anymore
>watch the Iife fade from his eyes
>doctors Iater say he would have died anyway
>can't shake the feeling I could have saved him
>3 years Iater I can still see his face
>everytime I deadlift. I imagine I'm Iifting that tree off him
>for that one brief moment. the pain goes away

RIP my friend

>be me, 3 years ago, high school
>meet kid freshman year, nice guy, weird sense of humor
>found out he likes computers and shit
>tell him shitty linux joke
>laughs his fucking ass off
>dont know why
>flash forward a year later
>still good freinds
>used to tell me to come over
>siblings had sports, literally everyday i had something and the only time i can talk to him was through skype at like 9
>felt horrible
>promised him that i would one day
>always talked to me about how it would be cool to come over
>well later on he killed himself
>yeah thats right
>he did it
>during summer i actually had the time to visit his house
>i go over to his pc which his family never turned off or touched
>he wrote a suicide note to me
>on skype
>didnt hit send
>i read the whole thing
>feel terrible
>tells me that i was basically his only friend, and he got too depressed
>he trusted me and i just left him
>i felt horrible
>turns out he had a whole day plan if i did go to his place
>huge list
>last thing on there was
>"step 12: finally be happy"
>broke down and cried
>went home
>threw out my plan of things id like to do if i went over his place.
>his brother called me up telling me that he wanted to tell me that i was the only person he trusted and that he was sorry for leaving me
>been sad ever since

My friend Tristan and I met when I moved next door to him, we've been friends ever since. We originally started talking to each other at school because we both liked video games. Our bond grew and because of video games, we're still best friends to this day. Or I guess until today :c. When Destiny came out, thats all he wanted to play. We would play from as soon as we came home from school until we had to go do our homework. I've never seen him so happy before. He just hit 32 a few weeks ago when the DLC came out. But unfortunately he hasn't played in the last 2 weeks.

Tristan was born with a really serious spine condition where hes not able to grow because his spine has a stunted growth. Last month he became really ill with his spine condition, and they had to operate. It was a 40% chance of living through it, but him and his parents decided it was best to go through with it, because if they didn't he would just be slowly dying over the next 2 years.

He went into surgery last night, and when I woke up this morning I got a call from his older brother letting me know he didn't make it. Today I come on to destiny with some friends and I realized that I would never be able to play this game again with my best friend. I don't know what to do right now, I'm just really down and I needed to talk about it. When Tristan wasn't on destiny he was on reddit, usually this sub, and I'm sure if anything happened to him he would want a post about it.

tl:dr my best friend past away from a spine surgery last night and now hes playing Crota's end with god.

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