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(This review is a very long one. It actually is kind of an article between, a gameplay review, a "role-playing" guide, a mods compilation, and story of a character. If you are not intrested, I suggest you to pass it right away.)

(Content is written all by me. Please do not distribute without permission.)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is undoubtedly one of the greatest PC games ever made, personally the single best RPG and open-world game I've seen. It is an unlimited digital source of pleasure for a lifetime FRP lover like myself. There really aren't many words to describe such perfection.

First of all, best thing about Skyrim is the fact that, things you can do is literally endless. Content is literally endless. I am at around +2.000 hours of Skyrim gameplay (Also played it a lot before my Steam copy.), and everyday, I still keep discovering some totally new things. Vanillia game with DLC's, has at least over 2.000-2.500 hours of gameplay (Around 1.500 hours without any DLC's, maybe?), if you do nothing but quests. Endless number of mods you can apply, will make gameplay way, way longer. And again, this is only possible if you do nothing but quests; no sightseeing, fast traveling all the way, skipping lore, and forgetting about the identity of your character. Still, it's your choice to play Skyrim in the way you want.

I have 3 characters, and I'll talk about one of them, whom I mainly play. (Vanillia content is more than enough to play 3 unique paths (except main storyline) for 3 seperate characters. You also can alter main storyline to a degree.). But first, I'd like to talk about mods which I actively use in all my characters (Plus, there are some particular ones for each character.)(No visual mods included.)

- First of all, most indispensable mod for me, is probably the "Disable Fast Travel". I think that fast traveling absolutely ruins the game. I never fast traveled before (Neither in Skyrim, nor Oblivion. Morrowind didn't had it anyways. Damn, I love Morrowind.), never will, and I hate people who fast travels. Fast travel system is necessary as a result of overall demand to Skyrim, but when it's being used, that's half of the games beauty gone. Some people play it just for the other half anyways.

- I very much like the "iNeed" mod, which adds a streamlined approach to needs. You need to eat, drink, and sleep once in a while, for full effectiveness of your character. It has some nice details, like for example, you can carry a flask, drink your water from it when you are thirsty, and fill it from any water source when depleted (Even from rain!).

- Static Mesh Improvement, an amazing mod which replaces some plain textures with idea of adding a feel of third dimension, with actual 3D meshes. It adds a whole new level to details all around Tamriel.

- SkyUI, a must-have interface overhaul
- Cloaks of Skyrim
- SkyrimSpeeds, speed adjustments
- Improved Dragon Shouts
- Command Dragon, for manual control
- Alternative Crafting System, helps role-playing without abandoning your gear potential
- ImmersiveFP, for first-person dragon & horse riding
- A quality world map with all roads
- Touring Carriages
- FNIS, custom animations engine

- And, Falskaar! It's an amazing mod, which adds a new quest line, a huge new map, and a very solid lore. Very professionally done, almost like an official DLC.

The character I want to talk about, is my female dragonborn assassin, last member of the Dark Brotherhood, and guildmaster of Thieves Guild. She's the character that I played the most, although she's not the character I first created, or beat the main storyline. I beat the main storyline with my mage for the first time, and I wanted continue as an assassin, created her. After completing the Unbound quest (Which is the very first quest.), I literally quit the main storyline, and completed The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild storylines (Yea, you can do that. You literally can complete almost every side quest in Tamriel without touching the main story.). By the time I return to the main storyline, I already was a master assassin, (Skyrim has an NPC progress system; it doesn't let you level up more than usual before story, and one-shot every NPC. You'll still have an adventage tho.), so I progressed through it at ease (Except the dragon parts, where I needed to go head-on.), and I completed it, as she completed her personality. She's not a type of assassin without honour, she's not like killing random people just for money/fun, or she's not using her dragonborn powers for personal gain (Spidey-philosophy), instead, she actually delivers justice, and avenges the downtrodden. She's more like Batman, The Dark Knight, except the killing part. And all that Thieves Guild, 'stealing' part, is also like the phiolosophy of Robin Hood, or at least the Cat Woman. In the end, she's a very righteous character, in her own way.

I completed a billion small quests, and some big ones like Civil War and The Companions storyline (Actually, all the big ones as far as I know.), and married with Aela (Yep, Aela is a female. Yep, I'm a female. Yep.) before heading to Dawnguard DLC. I've completed Dawnguard as a vampire. I got cured afterwards, but I'm still not sure about being a vampire, since it actually fits the concept of her being a master assassin hiding in shadows, but there are too many downsides; I won't ever be using the Vampire Lord form, since it's totally irellevant with my character, and I don't like its benefits/aesthetics anyways. After that, Dragonborn came out, and I also finished it, which actually fits perfectly to her personality, since the purpose is (kind of) assassinating a corrupt leader as the only assassin (because of being a dragonborn) who can do it, and became a complete Dragonborn. Since then, I'm traveling short distances with Shadowmere, and long distances on a dragon (Not dragon fast-travelling, I'm navigating manually.).

I do some unusual things in my spare time in Skyrim, which many can find weird, but I enjoy a lot. For example, I have some favorite places (Which I won't be sharing. Be assured, finding your own places would be much more satisfying.), I sometimes toggle off the running mode, and randomly walk at these places again and again, for hours, never getting bored. I also find books in Skyrim very exciting (There are countless in-game books which you can read. Each one of them are written exclusively, with its unique content.), I have a great intrest in collecting and reading them, and I actually find some of them way more intriguing than many 'popular' real books. Some of which I can recommend: Rising Threat (4 volumes), The Wolf Queen (8 volumes), Kolb and the Dragon (That's probably my favorite book in the game. Not in terms of its story, but it is actually a "choose-your-own-adventure" type of book.), The Black Arrow (2 volumes), A Dance in Fire (7 volumes). As a side note, in my honest opinion, books in Oblivion were better...

Before finishing, here are some mods that I use especially for my assassin:

- The Dance of Death, a kill-move mod
- Higher Jump
- Martial Arts
- Realistic Crime Radius
- Throwing Weapons Redux
- Faction Crossbows
- Stealth Immersion

And, I suppose, that's all.

In terms of characters, as you can see, making a character totally unique is pretty simple, it's just a matter of will. Skyrim, or any game for that matter, can only provide you the visualization and tools of role-playing; you have to use your imagination for an advanced FRP experience. And in terms of gaming perspective, you now should have an idea about how I feel about Skyrim, and you probably figured out how different you can approach to the game.

In the end, conclusion is actually pretty short, and simple: Skyrim is a must, must, must, MUST have game, and a masterpiece to experience, just like a Mozart concerto, a Shakespeare play, or a trip to one of 7 Great Wonders of the World.

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