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DISCLAIMER: Coarse language from scary people on the internet.
[S141]Gen.Roach117 : dadding uses hax.
UNcle ORange : fu**ing hacker
Drunken Monkey : aimbot dadding
General Failure : Yeah, stop hacking kik
^8=^1S^3c^1E^8= ^9G4M8L3 : hacker daddin
vaginal ?xplosion : I basically call hax
Spybreak : HAXING
Ganillan : dadding = hax
([KR]) \3V1L_B3@R/ : no one can be that good this is not fun any more, aim bot get a life
[E]GhosT : i call hax
TheDeadguy : not worth playing, already found a hacker
WillKill : I like how every single bullet hit me, hax much
????alen : this guy is hacking. He dl aim helpers
Papp : doubting his legitness
Deaf Dude : sniper... u f**k hacker
dah moose : dadding has hack
Droit : daddin you're such an aimbotting f*g man, turn that s**t off.
[DW]Devilstears [EBM]: Dadding your hacking
KnightShade - YEAH TOAST!!! : f***ing hacker
SniipeR : o.o cheater
Joey the friendly Infected : cool glitchy crosshairs you got there, sniper
saamdar2006 : cheater, head shot every time.
Master Bate : nice aimbot dadding, you f*g hacker
[Mar] poe : hax
UBER DA ENGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : f***ing aimbotter...
Dr. Nicholas Riviera, M.D. : haxxxx!
BigE3618 : shut the f**k up b***h and stop haxing
tfcbigdog : thats not possible without haxing
Harkuh : Pro hacker is pro
fiercewurm : that sniper is using an aim bot
{|TE|}Jackal : aimbot much?
Never™ : daddinG, i call hax.
epic master : the hax THE HAXS
Dwight [C.U.B.I] Eisenpower : how are you so good with the worst gun in the game? besides the hax.
GOFAT(eau) : turn off the aimbot
BUICK :3 : dadding why u jump after every shot dood looks automated
fun : dadding has quickscope script LAWL
JasTiger<Iowa> : obvious aimbot. REported
Cha0sLuke! : YEAH THERE HAxin
Pjunkmail : please dont aimbot
Thre3con : that guy is hacking
Searanger : okay that's it, this guy is hacking
Old-stoned-n-ready : your full of s**t dude
gaer431 : dadding stop hacking
??????? : dadding is aimbot nubcake
The Dead Skull : Shut up and turn off your aimbots, All 50 of them.
StrikerX95 : pinky definaly has bot
|RT| Evan Da KewlGui! : quit hakin
Walter t(-_-t) : hax
Pyrotoast : hax
|XO| Pacfong : what the reason to come out the spawn if u 100% aimboting hacker piece of s**t
Helicopter ♥♥♥♥ : hax
Dr.Dew : freakin sniper never misses... im expecting aimbot from this guy...
| 1BUP | Papa6X-Ray : aim bot much
Sound Monkey : HACK
«•SsS•»Ø¼½ªYouª½¼ : CHEATER
([GøR] Space [404G] : HACKS
maxim2604 : You are hacking.
M72TheLaw : lol bulls**t and you know it, why so hack baddy?
Frozen Glory : Pure aimbot
Crabadonk : HAX
oreosboy : god aim boter...
CnB|Disaster : cheating b*****d
caleywaley : DADDY has an aimbot...
BlackHawk : yeah, hacks and noobs
DethSqueeze *Beyond GOD Like* : Lay money that little f**k is using a hack, cheating a**hole
wolfgang amadeus mozart : brb downloading hax
[OPST] (?°?°)?? ? : aimbot for sniper, hes wall hacking at the least daddinG don't think changing your name will help, i got a link to your steam profile and your steam id :3 im im not like these incredibly weak willed people, i will keep reporting you untill i crush this steam profile and all those 8000 kills on your strange snpier rifle too. Oh how nice, you added my name to your list :3. To bad it all has to be destoryed.
Rarity : Dadding is hacking Is not skill, is bulls**t Aimbot a**hole.. report him
[DTW] das Foto-Finish™ : Aimbot can't help you now
wlsn55 : daddin did you aimbot?
Maximus Decimus Meridius : boting so f***ing hard dude
carvalhojp1 : dadding haaaackkkkk
Drink Me : You ability is almost supernatural dadding
FourSwordKirby : cheating
FrozenNinja : Still got your aimbot?
thrill : confirmed cheats
KittehSniped : u are hacking to daddinG'
I will put the team on my back : Eh, nah, DaddinG is cheating lol voteban daddinG
sorklin: You were banned for using an aimbot. I spec'd you for a while after some suspicious kills.Interesting, because I didn't ban you until i saw your your screen jump around like crazy when you were using your submachine gun. You must have lightning fast reflexes to adjust your aim each time one of those bullets fired. Usually that kind of behavior is only seen in aimbots or no-spread hacks.
Captain Rydog : aimbot
Britische Bär Der Diabetes : Yeah he is aimbot
EaSyWaY : hack
Pineapples : honestly, are you hacking or have you everr been a hacker? it is a bit ridiculous, ive seen very good snipers, but the s**t your doing is very unlikely to be complete skill
FreezingMagma : this is not fricking normal that he is shooting all of us down while we're moving/jumping/shooting/ and even invisible? he dies once a decade holy sh!t
[PaperFox][GMG]patrickrox11 : dadding has aimbot, aimbot ftw
Rarity : Dadding is hacking Is not skill, is bulls**t Aimbot a**hole.. report him
Savaj : think that guy is actually using aimbot
Bhroy : sigh hacker
Aklu : i call aimbot
Stovey Paloski : put away ur aimbot
Presto: daddin i think is hacking
Deaf Penguin : Aimbot and you know it, dun deny it
Buller ^^ : WTF WRONG WITH THAT SNIPER HES CRAZY !!! where did you learn to shoot ot are you useing aimbot
[AN] Bryceanator : nice hacks bro
Dash Lambda : Hacker alert. Trust me, I get pwned by snipers alot, but he's hacking.
Pikachu : i use to be a very good sniper on tfc and I just saw it and I think hes might be aimbot
LIKEOMGROFL : pretty terrible tehy gotta feel good about themselves by beating ppl online with hacks
*LA Bread* : I will give you free BJ if you give me lessons in sniping
curtis : he's not good, he's cheating
netmamah : stop aimbotting dadding
Stab's Destroyer 3[RK] ??? : i love hax
Leonator™ : nice hax
ADMIN -FAP-SEXYDABBER : am i allowed to ban someone for being too good
ADMIN -FAP- Thickney ? : maybe, who
thethilia : dadding are you using hax
VDD$ : so dadding is a f****t that cant master anything but tf2, 61 points youre a loser
JasTiger<Iowa State> : aimbot (2nd time's the charm)
Vira Mage (Vox) : stop using hacks guys
_?????-?????M : yep haxer dadd g is a hacker he knows were i am
Fluffy Nutters : somone kickdadding
[iO.Admin] Data : noscope headshot?
-FAP- Jägerbomber : bs
Chubbs! : HACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desuq : haxing
Maximum Solitude : dadding i like ur aimbot
Rude : dadding u cheating piece of s**t
Jesster : dadding, we have reason to believe you are hacking.
deucelauncher2017 : yeah kick that hacking fa**ot
RawrPeeSpoon : dadin u look so suspiciouse
★Alex the mexican troll★ : I call hacks
Crit Pan : haaaaaaaaaaaaxz
Jessica : Hacks
Jeebus 2.0 : www.perfectaim/daddinG/fa**
Cheese Dude10 : I swear to god that daddinG guy is hacking
TheShadyPickle : hax I call hax
illegible : yay aimbots :/ I hate aimbots
Dr.Brandon : aymboots
billy™ : damn you aimbot
Lord Jasta : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hacker
Comrade-Badger : you aimbottin bro?
paytondude555 : DADDDING AIMBOTING
TriStar #inC : aimbot
Spoofy : he's aimbotz
firefox : s**t bs dadding
michaelddiaz11 : cheaters
shlax15 : make that 3 hackers on the cart
Stubby-=KCG=-[R] : bulls**t aimbotter no way you headshot me from 2 feet away
|CSS|Soldier Medic : hacks
Don't be a chump, vote trump : hacking?
SterFax! : How to get good at sniping, download a S**T TON of scripts
JOAKOF2P : hacks
Crackin2015!™ : DADDING IS Hacking
zoug25 : dadding is definitely bs, idc if you're a korean esport player you can't dodge bullets
Nubs Parrot : Dadding stop hacking dumb*ss
hoots : lmfao you're so obvious kid
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[OPST] (?°?°)?? ?:
"The main one is dadding, who even addmitted to hacking and joked about having scripts, one time upon dieing he even said "damn i need an anti-heavy script" after getting tomisvd.
Im going to start a fourm thread to get this guy of tf2 forever, seroiusly how can one guy get 80000 kills on his Strange Sniper Rifle and have not even 1 person report him? Lets show this guy that NOBODY messes with outpost.
the Stephen guy said "I only wallhack" which seemed true.
I believe that the 2 people were using scripts, scripts are harder to detect, and harder to prove, i can think off the top of my head 3 scripts i believe they were using. Wallhacking first off, the ablity to see figures through walls, Quickscope, for daddinG who did a little hop and switched between his smg and sniper at incredble speeds, and Easy aim. When i went in first person, daddinG was off aim, then at the last second jerking to hit them.
I dont think daddinG ever had a bodyshot
I've seen my fair share of hackers, and i learned there ways.... kinda.. One of the reasons i love tf2 is because of the fact that there is (was) incredibly low amounts of hackers. out of about every 50 games i play, i see about 1, or even SUSPECT 1. Nothing pisses me off more then Hackers, so when i find someone hacking, i go all out.
You would think you would have more support from the people from your own group, Arrancar5289, go to his profile and look at his videos, as you can see he IS a respectable sniper, but if you can recall the game that you were in, he not only followed your head THROUGH walls ( i was first person specating) but he also was noscoping headshots people at close distance. One time as a pyro i managed to get close enough to light him on fire, so he pulls out his smg while backing off, and he suddenly switches back to his rifel and no scopes me through him being on fire and through me using my degreaser. @sweet McLovin', I'm guessing that you think all of this is the crys of some noob that somebody is too pro right? Although i didnt get the picture of it, at the very beginning of the previous match (he joined near the end) he was also speedhacking. the scripts dont MAKE you invincible, being able to see a spy though a wall doesn't prevent him from randomly facestabbing you does it?
You know what, ill let you make your own disicions, Go watch a highlander tournment sniper, go see how he snipes. Take some time out of your life and contibute to your community, and your group. This level of "proness" do you see it in the highlander tournment? Do you think of someone like that joined a public match they could destory everyone? Take a look at the professional called "STAR" I am a BIG fan of STAR/NIICHTS, even though he is playing pyro for his highlander team (the champions) he says he LOVED playing sniper throughout any FPS game. LOOK AT THE LEVEL OF HIS SNIPING, this is argubly the best snipeing in the game since his team won the highlander tourny. Compare him to that daddinG guy and tell me what you think.
I have to go, but just as a final comment for today, that wall of his was a compileation of 5 FRICKING YEARS worth. If valve and VAC are seriously this blind.... I don't know what to say"

A Glazed Donut: Look, i know you mod. I'm not gonna report you but if you could tell me where you get your mods that would be great.
daddinG: Mod?
daddinG: As in hack?
A Glazed Donut: no like your aimbots
daddinG: Don't you think that if I actually hacked I would be VAC banned by now?
A Glazed Donut: Well i mean, I found you from my friend when he was playing TF2, but if you don't wanna say its fine, just asking.
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