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I've been gaming since the early 80's & if you count arcade machines since the late 70's & I loved to play tabletop RPG's like Tunnels & Trolls (still got my rule book) Dungeons & Dragons. My 1st computer based RPG's included Darkland and The Elder Scrolls: Arena, both of which enthralled me.

The mid 2000's saw a car travelling in excess of 60 mph hit me from behind while I was cycling to work & left me with 4 broken vertebrae & a serious head injury. I landed on my coccyx & instantly lost almost 4'' in height because the spine was crushed vertically on impact with the road & due to the head injury/brain damage, I no longer produce 3 essential hormones. I was sent home with no treatment because they totally missed the breaks & refused to scan my head; consequently, I'm now seriously disabled & have to take opiate based medication (Fentanyl and Oxycodone) & inject myself daily with hormones. It took a year for the breaks to be diagnosed and 7 years for the brain damage to be confirmed. :trolol: Thankfully gaming saved my sanity. I found that playing games really helped with my pain management & kept my mind active.

Some community members call me a game collector, but I'm not; I buy games both to play & enjoy as well as to help with my pain management. I'm presently {since mid 2017} on a sabbatical from buying games apart from certain games that I can afford from what is left in my Steam wallet, most of which comes from selling games from my inventory,as well as trading cards & Steam wallet presents from my two adult kids. Also, I :spirallove: gaming. My favourite genres include 'in no particular order' RPG's, RTS, FPS, Shmups, Breakouts, Wacky & Psychedelic Indie games, Survival games, Simulation & Tower Defence games. To be honest, I enjoy most genres apart from time management games, but what I play usually depends on my mood, whether a friend is available for coop gaming, or what I've just purchased.

Some of my all time favourite games include Darkland, the Elder Scrolls franchise, Civilisation, Baldurs Gate, Geometry Wars, Raptor, Myst & Riven, R Type, Space Invaders, Ikaruga, Cossack's: The Art of War, The Total War franchise, The Longest Journey, Under A Steel Sky, Aky's XP Breakout, Ricochet Infinity, Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires, Gish, Dune, Command & Conquer, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Conflict Vietnam, Vietcong, Strange Brigade, Men of Valor, Men of Honor: Pacific Assault, Icewind Dale, Far Cry franchise, Line of Sight: Vietnam, ArmA II & 3, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Red Faction Guerrilla, Conan Exiles & when I'm in the mood for some fast paced game play I'll boot up one of my favourite racing games such as most of the Dirt franchise or the Flatout games including their latest offering Wreckfest (though it saddens me to see they are adopting the expensive DLC route).

Other games I've recently got into and highly recommend are the single player/cooperative games Generation Zero, Second Extinction & TheHunter: Call of the Wild, {all from the same distributor Avalanche games, of the Just Cause franchise fame), All 3 games are open world & have either survival or hunting elements included. Also, despite pre ordering Dying Light, it's almost ten years later that I've finally got around to playing the game and think it's the best open world zombie game I've ever played.

Since the summer of 2021 it's the first time in ages that I've been excited to play games on a daily basis that give me a buzz; and, the above three from Avalanche Studios and the one from Techland have replaced one of my all time favourite games The Elder Scrolls Online, which I'd been playing virtually every day since the βeta back in 2013 (apart from when I went on vacation) until February 2021; racking up well over ten thousand hours of game play. I've not booted it up since.

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This is a brilliant collection of 23 pinball tables sold in six separate packs (the Star Wars pack has 3, the rest four tables each). These are the most beautiful tables I've ever played. They almost feel like playing on a real table, the graphics are so good.

You can compare your high scores for each table with your friends, and the accumulated high scores for each table also place you on a separate score table.

Ball physics is as good as it gets. I do feel some of the tables lack the ability to play skill shots, they re more about lucky than anything, but other tables compensate for that.

If you like pinball games I recommend you don't wait till the sales and get them now. I thought at first the full cost was prohibitive, but when you consider you are getting 23 tables, it's actually a steal as each table works out at less than £1.40 each (approx $2)
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Got loads more games to trade; just check my inventory. Everything apart from the Free to Play dlc packs are up for trade plus a few others that I've already earmarked for friends or family, but most games from page 1 to 11 are up for grabs so long as a decent trade is offered. I've also got several thousand Steam codes (including games that are no longer available via Steam) from indie bundles that I'd like to trade. I 've posted a list of some of the removed games below and will add more as I find them. I will trade removed games for other games that I don't have in my library, but am not interested in backgrounds, drops from games like CS:Go etc; though I am interested in completing sets of trading cards, so are happy to swap cards.

Those games/dlc in my inventory that have been removed from Steam I'd rather trade for other games that have been removed that I don't own, but at a push I’d consider other options such as games I don't have, or TF2 keys, but those games are at a premium, so no discounts and more than likely a percentage multiplier on the cost of the game. I'm not looking to make a massive profit on those games as I don't like taking advantage of peoples wants, just a fair trade.

You can see a comprehensive list of removed games HERE . As you can see, some games are available online still from places like Amazon, but these sources will dry up as more game collectors buy them up.

Apart from the games/dlc's that have been removed from the Steam store that you can find in my inventory, I also have a Steam code for BRINK which has also been removed and there are quite a few that were included in bundles from 2012 onward that are no longer on Steam; these include keys for:

Your Doodles are Bugged!
Star Trek
Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition (Gone - I traded this for a copy of Way of the Hunter, which I gave to a friend)
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition
Shattered Horizon x 3 (also got a copy in my inventory)
Lapland Solitaire
Real Heroes: Firefighter
Bloodbath Kavkaz
Bloodbath Kavkaz - Khovan Revenge DLC
Bloodbath Kavkaz - Soundtrack DLC
Darconika: The Cube of Soul
EM: Shader Attack
Lost In Woods 2
One Star
Russian Horror Story
Space Incident
Spakoyno: Back to the USSR 2.0
Spakoyno: Back To USSR 2.0 - OST DLC
Under Zero
Wolf Simulator
Anykey Simulator
Alien Run
Section 8 (got a few copies of this one)
UFO Extraterrestrials Gold
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 2
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Subject 9

I still have many more codes to sort through and I expect to see more removed games, which I'll be adding to the above list; especially from some of the earlier bundles I purchased from 2012 to 2017. Unfortunately, it's a tedious process as I have around ten thousand spare codes. (really)

Sadly, I found over 100 removed games from several hundred Indie Gala keys that were voided (gave some to a friend and all were useless), even though they had never been redeemed. I've heard from other Steam friends that they have also had issues with Steam codes from Indie Gala. Fanatical Games (formerly Bundle Stars) does warn that bundle keys should be redeemed as soon as possible because they cannot guarantee the efficacy of the keys after around a year. That said, I've recently given away around 80 keys from some old Bundle Stars (now Fanatical Games) keys and apart from one which I'd actually placed a question mark against, all were redeemed successfully.

P.M. me if you are interested in trading for any of the games in my inventory. I will also trade any card in my inventory. I've decided not to pursue Steam levels as I think it's a big Valve rip off, but I'm still creating sets to get the discount coupons since they changed the drops to coupons for games that you don't own

p.s. I also have a uPlay key for Tom Clancy's EndWar™ (somewhere). I'll confirm it above once I've found it.

I did have several Origin keys, but they recently announced that all keys from old bundles if not already claimed will be voided by the end of this month (March or April 22)
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Collection of all the Official Table Guides by ShoryukenToTheChin, which have been produced for all of the Zen Studios Pinball Video Games thus far.
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Karoll Feb 9 @ 9:26am 
Hi, would it be okay if I add you? We're both in similar position on steam-tracker leaderboard and I would love to get more people from remgc to my friends list. :)