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Indie game Enthusiast (2018-current 2020. technically started playing Terraria/EtG since 2016 and they are Indies, but I became more passionate about Indies since 2018). More info in the info box below! especially if you want to add me
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About Me:
You can call me VinTJ for starters. Calling me "TJ" is preferred if you're close(ish) friends with me but I don't really mind much.

"I wanna add you, what do?"
Please leave a comment on my profile saying how you met me and why we should be friends. If we played in a match together on some game I might. Or if we've interacted before on twitter/other socials. otherwise I ignore friend requests that don't leave a comment on my profile.

More About Me:
-is a dude
-Age: 19
-Birthday: 17th of February. hoping no one actually checks this.
-Currently occupied with: College (Psychology Major) , not sure I've made the right choice at this point due to the amount of work and reading, but I DO LIKE psychology and studied Sociology in High School and really liked it.

Now, who am I as a gamer?
-I often try to leave serious and helpful reviews especially *recently*, but sometimes I don't if I wasn't thinking of "what should I say in the review" while playing. I rarely update old reviews so if it's short, I don't intend to analyze it's design choices. Also, I try to review every game BUT I often forget / got distracted / feels like it's too much work to boot up / continue playing certain games, hence my next point:

- Games Backlog . I have a large backlog (popular steam phenomenon, where you buy a lot of games during sale and some gets unplayed / only played a super small amount of time). I want to finish them, but sometimes the thought just overwhelms me. I'm not 100% a completionist but the existence of achievements sometimes MAKE me not want to finish a game / replay it. Often replaying the games that are replayable too instead of jumping from new games to new games and that's why i have such a large backlog.

-I mostly play Indie games, and nowadays more so than ever, especially story based ones. But SOME roguelites are still my all-time favorites that you'll see me play every few months.

-I don't really have a strong preference to genres of games, but I tend to avoid horror (since i don't like them that much) and spec-heavy games since my laptop normally can barely run AAA games released after 2013/2014. I'd say I'm mostly geared towards action with story being a close 2nd.

-Games in the "all-time-favorites" mentioned above: Slay the Spire, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Streets of Rogue, Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne (actually hate it but play it quite often). I like Terraria too but I don't play it often and when I do, i mostly play with certain friends I know IRL . Now I play fall guys often.

- "What should I do if I want to gift you games?" like that would ever happen lol : so if you plan to suddenly be nice and gift me games, you need to know that there are literally hundreds of Indie games I know at this point. Basically, I often follow indie developers on twitter, then one day they tweet/retweet another dev's game, follow new dev, wash-rinse repeat.
I have 2 tiers of Priority : Wishlist and "Followed" Games. Wishlist normally has 30 games max (sometimes a little more or less) and this means "I want to buy these games ASAP, they are interesting to me" . They might get re-ordered whenever, and their order signifies how much I am interested (meaning, the #1 spot on my wishlist is the game I want most, and games on #25-#30 are even possibly replace-able if I find more interesting games) . While "Followed" games are literally every single game that I know exist and I am still interested in, but they are lower priority, and I personally would never buy them yet until I clear up some spot on my wishlist. So basically if you want to gift me a game, it's obviously best to pick from wishlist and if possible, start checking availability/prices from the top/highest game first .

Finally, who am I as a person?
- Regarding steam friends : I rarely add people. Most of my current steam friends happen because we played a Team Fortress 2 2fort match together and had a good memey chat. But you must know, I do very little to maintain steam friendships . So I'm sorry to everyone I've added or added me if I almost never talk to you / forget who you are / your interests. Also I rarely play in parties and kinda deny them most of the time ESPECIALLY if we're not "close" steam friends to begin with , simply because my experience with TF2 parties is they take longer to actually queue, getting autobalanced to other teams etc., so I see almost no point in playing in parties and think just queueing solo is good enough.
-Major Procrastinator and it's a problem. Instead of doing IRL work I choose to play games. RIP. but I get things done near a deadline.
- Weeb enough to be an outcast, but not weeb enough to be accepted in the community. I haven't even watched the "classics" like Evangelion, or the big stuff like MHA. Never watched Naruto/DbZ as a kid too.
-I do enjoy music sometimes. EDM is an "umbrella term" that could help describe it, but I also find myself listening to a lot of game soundtrack, Siivagunner rips, YTPMV-type of music memes/mashups/weird obscure jokes, Eurobeat remixes. All that stuff. Actually I don't listen to EDM all that much anymore. Just mostly instrumental stuff, even if "instruments" actually mean synths and other computer-bleep-bloop noises. Which is why, again, I listen to game soundtracks.
-( Personality , according to my friend) Super low self-esteem, scarred by childhood memories, but trying to be nice in most interactions!! I can be smart sometimes but mostly I'm a big depressed dummy.

Twitter: @VincentTj__ . No need to follow but just so you know, this twitter account is what I use to see indie games. At this point, it's literally impossible for me to buy every game I want. Also, I won't followback randos unless you tell me where you know me from. Same with steam friend requests as stated. .
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