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blah blah blah.. nobody cares, right? WHO WOULD?!

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Diablo 3: BaconOvrlord#1989
Defiance: Bacon Overlord
Champions Online: Bacon Overlord
Neverwinter: Bacon Overlord
The Division: Bacon Overlord
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1 game ban on record | Info
810 day(s) since last ban
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Baconville.. always a fun place to visit!
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Trading Rules, Friend Rules
I support and use the following websites: (Tier V Donator) (Donator) (Custom GMOD addons for servers) (Level 6 donator) (Donator)

Trading Rules
I'm not trading, don't bother.

I'm accepting friend invites as long as:
1. You don't spam me with invites to groups or games.
2. You're not joining to bitch about being banned or something that happened on one of my servers.
3. You're at least somewhat nice and not a complete asshole like me.
4. You've been on Steam for at least a year and have over 100 games. Less than that and we're not going to have much in common anyway.

Plus.. if I don't respond to a message, it's not because I hate you or want you to die in a fire. It's probably because I'm busy. Even though it may say I'm in a game, I'm likely tabbed out doing 10 other things or simply AFK. So, don't get mad and do a driveby on unsuspecting, crippled and mentally handicapped snails doing a pilgrimmage to mecca because you're angry... just wait some.
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Got to create a unique title by getting the highest level of donations for Extra Life Charity. What an honor.
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306 hrs on record
last played on Jul 16
49 hrs on record
last played on Jul 16
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last played on Jul 15
Bacon Overlord® Jul 15 @ 7:00am 
I'm doing some Diablo 3 if anyone wants to hop on and get some levels. I'm BaconOvrlord#1989 (yes, the E is missing.. not enough spaces for my full name, lol)
Draco Jul 11 @ 10:19am 
Bacon Overlord® Jun 26 @ 1:04am 
If you're not part of the Discord, the servers are going away for awhile. I don't have a timeframe when I'll be putting them back up at this point. Hopefully sometime after I move and get situated in the new house. That might not be until the end of the year.
Stormalong Jun 25 @ 5:44pm 
Basewars Server is down. Just curious whats happening?
Bacon Overlord® Jun 24 @ 12:27pm 
You get VIP on my servers from simply helping out and being noticed by admins. Donating helps the server (any donate links go directly to our host service) directly and are appreciate, but they aren't expected nor are there any perks for donating.
VarixDog Jun 24 @ 9:00am 
V yea