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Riney: The Autobiography
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Hi, it is I, Riney. Or RineyCat on occasion, when the situation demands it. I play video games, they're nice. I host servers here and there for games for my friends, or when I'm lucky an entire community. I enjoy RPG games mostly, but FPS can hold my interest. I've recently begun to dive into VR, enjoying such titles as Beat Saber and VRChat. I sound like the typical VR player, but I assure you, it's almost like a rite of passage.

I've recently discovered more about myself. I've come out as non-binary, which for those who truly don't know, means I don't find myself as a guy or a girl. To put it as simple as possible, a sort of in-between. Despite being assigned male at birth, I find no pleasure in masculine traits. So yeah, I won't act as male as your other male friends. And I probably have longer hair too.

I program, but my projects are limited at the moment. The Pandemic™ has made life hard enough that my free time typically goes to my friends. At the moment I'd love to work on more VRChat worlds, or the occasional project in Unity. I'm pretty good at C# and Java, as well as JavaScript. No I won't be able to make you an effective webpage. Yes I can fix your computer. No it isn't free.

Give me headpats. Cuddles are cool too.

Name: RIney, or Justin (When the situation calls for me not to use my online name, and until I figure out another name to go by. Trust me, I hate my name.)
Gender: Non-Binary
Pronouns: They/Them (He/Him in public, people won't understand.)
Relationship: Single (Pansexual, Recipromantic)

Downloadable Content:
I exist in other places, imagine that. While I prefer you talk to me on Steam first, feel free to add me on Discord to talk. The other accounts are there for ease of access mostly, and I deny random requests on those accounts.

Discord : Riney#6948
Battle.net : Riney#1783 (I hardly play Overwatch anymore, and WoW is in the past.)
RIot Games : xRiney#NA1 (Rarely on Valorant, but I will play ARAM.)
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/Rineykins (Lotta old stuff. Fight me.)
Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/rineycat

Bonus Extras included in Deluxe Edition:
I also roleplay. Multi-Paragraph.
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