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If you want to know where I'm from, take a hint from this.
Comment down below as to why you are adding me. If you add me without commenting first, you will be ignored.
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A freelance voice actor that needs a jerb. Send me a jerb dangit.
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Oh, hi Mark.
Random quotes from random people.
"Oh my god, a fire witch! Burn her!" - PandaWolf
"Oh, I know what's going on, they have a- wait what?" - PyrophobicPyro

Been a steam user since 2011 (this account is from 2012)
To make sure it's me, check to see that I have the "Years Of Service" badge as 4+ years.
My profile rank will be above or equal to 43.
I will NEVER ask you for free items on any game.
I do NOT trade CS:GO knives, if "I" say I am, it is not me and is a hijacker or a scammer. beware.
My Custom URL has and always will read id/Rhalkego/

Long story short, make sure these are all met. They will never change unless an impersonator meets these, if they do, let me know.

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king gen flippy May 7 @ 7:14am 
long time no see im sorry what i had done and i changed quite alot and like to be your friend again im sorry for the fight im dumb
Dr. K Apr 15 @ 10:52am 
You ever wonder why you never see a baby pigeon?
Skedar86 Mar 15 @ 5:47pm 
and Happy Birthday c=
Skedar86 Mar 15 @ 5:47pm 
Why adding it is fun to play with you and i like you Voice c=

Izuku Midoriya Feb 20 @ 7:05pm 
Adding because
1- Cool Guy
2- want to talk to you more
3- (i don't know what to say)
MadFynex666 Feb 14 @ 7:25am 
adding you cause off beeing NecGaming staff, also for beeing cool person :)