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:beer_bb:Failure is just a fog:beer_bb:
:beer_bb: Through which we glimpse triumph:beer_bb:
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Yeah i have no idea what to put here
Read down and find some stupid fun fact in this short Q&A

Things About Me
Real Name: Figure it out Sherlock
Desired name to be called by: Paradon, Fated, Cal, Asbel - Anything that floats your boat really
Gender: Male
Relationship: Alone by choice. Nobody likes a double edged sword unless they have faith
Age: IDK :dwarf_gs:
hobbies: Building / Digging, Biking, Reading, Writing, Swimming, teaching
Do you take students anymore for any of the games you have played in the past or retired from? Yes, but only if i see potential in their gameplay and or learning curve based on a few matches against me
Favorite Games: TF2 / R.O.T.M.G / S.W.T.O.R / W.O.W / L.O.L / T.C RainbowSix Siege / All Dark souls games / All halo games / all borderlands games / all bioshock games / ALL MARIO GAMES ESPECIALLY
Favorite Colors: Top 5 are blue, white, black, purple, pink | all the makings of a galaxy artwork
Favorite Animes: tonari no kaibutsu-kun, youjo senki, assassination classroom, the kings avatar, danmachi, log horizon, world trigger. Honestly there are too many i've watched it is impossible to name only these since this is like .5% of everything i've seen.
Favorite Anime Movies: Bakemono no ko, Naausica of the valley of the wind, porco rosso, and mostly all other movies produced by studio ghibli
Best classes in Team fortress 2: Soldier, Medic, Sniper
Favorite Team Fortress 2 Hat: (official) Defiant Spartan : (Collector Wise)Grenadiers soft cap
Do I have a mic?: Yes
Do I like using my mic?: Not really
My discord: Comment and request on my steam profile if you want it
Am I loud and do i talk?: I can be loud when I want to be, but usually I am a quiet person
What's the best thing I've ever seen?: The great Jacinto
What is the 2nd best thing I have ever seen? Bootleg Pixar

People Who matter
:healthvial: The one true cube
:nanana: Longest Friend
:butterfly: Kuso-senpai
:rosebud: Person who wants in my pants

:HappyPugmas: Music :HappyPugmas:
Late night adventuring beats
Are you positive we haven't met?

Trade Links & Information
Trade Link :bonfire2: BackpackTF [] :bonfire2: Tf2 Outpost []

Profile last updated 9/17/2020
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~ Aim Training Statistics / Goals & Hopes ~
⚡⚡~~~ Kovaak 2.0 The Meta ~~~ ⚡⚡ Up to date

Close Long Strafes
⚡Start Acc.-/- Start Score -/- Latest Acc. -/- Latest Score -/- High Acc. -/- High Score
(35.82% Accuracy) / 6,300.0 / (48.06% Accuracy) / 7,794.0 / (48.06% Accuracy) / 7,794.0

1wall6targets TE
⚡Start Acc.-/- Start Score -/- Latest Acc. -/- Latest Score -/- High Acc. -/- High Score
(87.45% Accuracy) / 83.6 / (96.99% Accuracy) / 125.1 / (96.99% Accuracy) / 125.1

⚡Start Acc. -/- Start Score -/- Latest Acc -/- Latest Scrore -/- High Acc. -/- High Score
(47.62% Accuracy) -/- 311.0 -/- (66.11% Accuracy) -/- 394.0 -/- (66.11% Accuracy) -/- 394.0

Tile Frenzy - Strafing - 01
⚡Start Acc. -/- Start Score -/- Latest Acc -/- Latest Scrore -/- High Acc. -/- High Score
(89.36% Accuracy) -/- 55.7 -/- (84.44% Accuracy) -/- 64.2 -/- (84.44% Accuracy) -/- 64.2

⚡Start Acc. -/- Start Score -/- Latest Acc -/- Latest Scrore -/- High Acc. -/- High Score
(91.58% Accuracy) -/- 71.2 -/- (100% Accuracy) -/- 92.0 -/- (100% Accuracy) -/- 92.0

Goals and hopes

Even though I may be asking much, my goal on steam is not only to continue my personal academy (which yes, it is still a thing) but to also design my profile to level 200 or 500 and base every aspect of its background, artwork, badges and other designs on every color steam has to offer. Artwork can be handled by myself of course, but I do not have the funds for the backgrounds nor do I have any right to ask this of anyone. If you would like to perhaps buy any of these backgrounds as a gift or to support my goal here is a list of all color backgrounds needed for the future

Anyone who helps with the future backgrounds will be listed for their patronage

Color Backgrounds desired - Outdated

:ZAT_Pentagram: = Not Yet Aquired
:nzdf_star: = Aquired

:nzdf_star: Reds Zup! Zero (Red)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Rock Boshers Box Art (Red)
:nzdf_star: Shadows (Orange)
:nzdf_star: Olympus (Orange)
:nzdf_star: GoldenZ (Yellow)
:nzdf_star: Yellow Lumini (Yellow)
:nzdf_star: GreenZ (Green)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Lineage of Shammah (Green)
:nzdf_star: The Wildernerness (Aqua) -Donated by RanGedrion
:nzdf_star: Black Marsh (Aqua)
:nzdf_star: Meteor Shower (Blue)
:ZAT_Pentagram: A Dark Valley (Blue)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Astral Academy (Purple)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Sky 2 (Purple)
:ZAT_Pentagram: The Deep Pink (Pink)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Citadel Background (Pink)
:nzdf_star: Road(White)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Companions (White)
:nzdf_star: Death Background (Black) - Donated by Hephaestus' Beuty
:nzdf_star: The End? (Black)
:ZAT_Pentagram: Intake Skull (Extra)
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This is a quick guide to making a strong character that you can get all the achievements with, and it sacrifices nothing for general play as well. I'll also mention briefly alternate play styles.
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