The ever-existing   New Port Richey, Florida, United States
Uh, Hello? Hello Hello? Uh Well if you're hearing this, then chances are you found a diamond in the rough! Welcome to my profile! Feel free to add me! My discord is sansman1182 (Add either here or there.)
About me (Probably should read because important)
Name's Chris, and this, is my profile. Either you're here by chance, accident, exploration, rage, or curiosity, I welcome you as always.

I am saving up for a Gold Pan atm so I can retire for a while from TF2, however I will still be in TF2 for UGC admin duties! (I am demoted for now, but I will return!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Online-offline times: I go to bed at 9:30 on a work night and a work day is 7:00 to 3:00

1. Why Sans? It's a long story. Also what's wrong with it?

HOWEVER, I have an old youtube channel named Entity 972 Inc. I plan to change to Entity Inc. But fighting myself on whether or not to change to the name of it

2. Do you trade? Sadly no, I collect items, trading makes me feel un-nerved. So, I only use trade bots. I will contact you if you have anything I want however.

3. What's your favorite music? Anything that's old and good, some new music is good too, but TRAP MUSIC from anywhere of 2019 and present sucks.

4. When were you born? To your surprise, 2003. (Yes i know, bully me.)

5. Are you friendly? Yes, very! I can answer most questions you ask, so ask away! (I can also be an emotional support friend, if you need someone to talk to, I am mostly here for that. I do not judge.)

6. Why are your TF2 achievements broken? You know that thing new players do when they want all the achievements......yeah....that's what happened. And I am an idiot for that.

7. What's your dream job? A scientist or inventor. Kinda like those youtubers who make silly inventions.

8. Do you give stuffs? Yes, but not too much.

DISCLAIMER: If my inventory is ever private, it is for security reasons only and will be reverted once the problem is solved.

P.S. I am usually busy nowadays, but you can still message me when you want, I'll respond when I get back on.

To the scammers who visit my profile: This account is a tank, and the man driving it is the smartest man alive. Turn back now.
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I mean, I don't know where to start with this game. Best game I have ever played out of the couple hundred games I have tried. And a quite interesting one too! I am surprised that this game has survived this long, while Fortnite can't survive a week without an update. By all I MEAN all. Toxicity, constant cheaters and bots, lack of communication, but yet.... it's still strong. I HIGHLY recommend this game, it's still fun and has a wonderful and goofy experience for competitive and casual players alike. Grab your guns and get out there, comrade!
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An April Fools map, 'nuff said.
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Sans 4 hours ago 
I don't celebrate 4th of July, this country fell off long ago.
Jarate Salesman May 18 @ 6:46pm 
Alright well happy in about a month and a few wweks 4th o july
Sans May 18 @ 6:22pm 
Not staff team, just one ex-admin, and this info is still classified.
Jarate Salesman May 18 @ 6:21pm 
man sans what goes on in that admin group team? i havent been on in a while so i havent heard any beef but from what you said that must be wild
Sans May 17 @ 5:34pm 
Disgusting how you managed to even crawl onto the admin team, I'm a weird mfer myself, I openly admit it, but the ♥♥♥♥ you pulled, nah, not gonna touch that.
Sans May 17 @ 5:30pm 
If snivy reads this I meant no harm, but hearing from another colleague you were friends with, it's safe to say I already despise ya, that's nasty asf, I won't get into details, but that's quite a secret you got for an ex-admin.