Czan The Araner √snow
√Snow   Gore, Gambella, Ethiopia
Lemme know, lemme know
I was walkin' all alone
Fell in love soon as you said "hello"
Let it snow, let it snow
I had to get here on my own
Now they blowin' up my fuckin' phone

Since you always laugh when I tell you I'm depressed
Don't be fuckin' sad, when I'm hangin' by my neck
I don't want no friends, I just wanna get a check
And maybe soon, if I pray loud enough, then God'll make me next

God'll take me next
Playin' dead, it's in your head
I've been left, alone again
Shit they said, it doesn't hurt now
You played pretend, doesn't work now, yuh
Listen to Nirvana while we're fuckin' on the floor
Molly made me nauseous, but fuck it, let's do some more
Months from now you'll tell me I'm the one that you adore
A year from now you'll tell me you don't love me anymore

"I see humans but no humanity, everybody is somebody, but no one wants to be themselve, everything is a lie, i hate it"
Every loss is made by somebodys' incompetence
"The sky fell" - Romance of Three Kingdoms

was i left alone
or is it only a wind in the distance
i don't know
anything else that this wind
cold but breezeing
cold but heartwarming
but if it stops then everyone is in distance
nothing starts to move
and silence appears
dark one but not alone
becouse there will be always a noise
chaos that consumed the world
and consumed man hearts
it won't stop
u can only run away from it
as the wind that flow
and now there is no wind
no patch to run
no fox to trick the fate of world
god never played his role
so this never had beginning
but still some day
it will end

I'm being restructured and coming to hate you
Straightforward frustration
Plug relation / remaking loop
I'm being deluded and turning into a machine
Friction imitating plus and minus
Plug relation / remaking loop, remaking me
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"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you."
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