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Holy blasted sith. I want to have sechs with Lana Beniko so gosh darn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I channel my anger properly I get a massive erected phallus. I've seen literally every rule 34 post there is of her online. My dreams are nothing but constant blasted coitus with Lana. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six climaxes in my boxers and knowing that those are fluids that should've been injected inside of Lana's sithy force hole. I want her to have my pure Sith babies.
Screw, my blasted mom caught me with my Lana Beniko bodypillow. I'd dressed it in full Sith armor and went to blasted town. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my copy of SWTOR. I might not ever get to play through Knights of the Eternal Empire again.

11/10 Star Wars Game, Jaxo Romance when.

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Wojtek Dec 15, 2022 @ 6:50am 
swtor addict
MysteriousDew Dec 15, 2022 @ 6:15am 
Clearly, you are Adolf Hitler.
TheKingBirb Dec 15, 2022 @ 6:15am 
Clearly, you're mom.
Mouhzanfarydeh Dec 15, 2022 @ 4:45am 
clearly, you don't own a computer
TheKingBirb Dec 15, 2022 @ 4:37am 
Divorced, sad.
TheKingBirb Dec 2, 2022 @ 4:36am 
Slow :steamthumbsdown: