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Motol/Metal/Brett/Fatass   Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Go buy and play Pizza Tower, it's GOTY 2023 ezpz. Stop playing DBD and play it now.
come talk trash to me live:
God I hate myself. I suck at everything.
Dumb stupid autismo fat neet virgin neckbeard from Indiana. Recovering pill popper and alcoholic. I work at a movie theater. I like to write in my spare time. Probably needs therapy for a plethora of reasons. I rage a lot and I have a smart ass attitude but I'm generally a live and let live kinda guy. I'm toxic in a lot of games but I'm generally easy to approach (sometimes) if I pissed you off in a game i'm most likely not sorry unless I say otherwise. If we had fun in a game together or something feel free to send me a friend request here or on discord I don't care. If you have something nice or nasty to say to me my comments are open, go nuts. There's a 85% chance all the insults I tell you are just banter that I don't actually mean. The trash talk is part of the game to me.

"Baw haw boo hoo camp tunnel slug pee pee poo poo" shut up and get over it
majority of my play time is killer
been playing since a bit after legion/a bit before plague
I make meme DBD vids in my spare time
I can be a heartless bastard one game then be a friendly killer the next, my mood is reflected by my gameplay.
I don't really care about what's "meta" usually. I'll run random perks varying in usage. One game I could be running something goofy like coup de grace then the next I could be sweating my butt off with pain resonance.
immersed survivors really cheese me off
Me being on survivor is a rare sight, i'll usually do it for a few challenges or dailies.
Crossplay is off when I want to have banter, on if I want faster games.
If I DC there's a variety of reasons why maybe. I'm on a killer I blow ass on for a challenge or daily and I'm not doing well, you map offering'd me (Delete Ormond), my mood is shot and I should be trying to improve it with anything but DBD. Those are most likely
I'm obsessed with Jane, I may let you live because I love her or I'll tunnel you to watch that ass move.
If you draw fetish art DM me so I can pay you to draw Jane doing cringe degenerate things
BHVR needs to update their engine, it's held together by staples and fake confidence.
I play a handful of killers usually but I consider Nemesis, Clown, and Oni my main three.
I get mad easily, sorry
I rarely say GG because the game pisses me off yet I still play
I love both insults and compliments regarding my style/skill as killer
I try to not usually play like a POS usually but I may camp a hook or two near end game if I didn't do too well and I may tunnel a strong player out if I really care that much, sorry. If I tunnel you take it as a compliment because I think you might be an issue if you're left to be alive (most the time)
I have a hate boner for Mikaela, Nea, Jake, Claudette, Meg, David, and Steve players
I want a pirate killer

I'm going to die alone probably :(
I have trust issues
I have no standards
I will never have a chubby plump gf to cuddle at night
I have no future
I just want to be happy
I'm stupid as hell
I hate my life and I wanna die
I hate video games
I hate you
I hate everything

kill me please

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read my about me above before adding me to get an idea how much of a self loathing POS I am. Thanks.
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