Motol/Metal/Brett/Fatass   Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
In desperate need of a Jane Romero shaped GF
Dumb stupid fat neckbeard autismo loser from Indiana with a huge list of mental health issues and trust issues. Recovering Pill Popper and Alcoholic but I'd rather relapse than pretend to be a useful human being 90% of the time. I work at a movie theater and a cannery for a living. My life is dead end and despicable. I should have killed myself years ago. Complaining, Sh*tposting, self deprecating, video games, assembling + painting minis, carspotting, tabletop games, movies/tv, making videos (mostly sh*tposts) and writing are my spare times. End me please. I am not a functioning member of society. Should probably go back to therapy for a plethora of reasons but I'm too lazy to. If you want to add me, I don't care, go nuts. I may seem passive aggressive at first cause I've had to deal with a lot of spam bots trying to get my password and account.

Trash talk is part of the game to me, I usually don't mean a lot of the things I say (unless it's directed at myself). I get mad af easily in games and I wish I could stop doing that. I don't really have any faith in myself anymore because I'm afraid of screwing everything up. Most of my anger is directed at myself and not you, sorry.

I'm going to die alone
I hate myself
I hate video games
I hate everything and I wanna die
could really use a friend


-Mostly killer. Don't find survivor all that fun tbh but will play it from time to time
-Been playing since a bit after Legion and a bit before Plague
-I make dumb dbd meme videos and comps in my spare time when my ADHD isn't being crap
-My sound card likes to restart itself a lot because it's weird with plug ins like speakers/headphones and this will alt tab me. I have lost kills to this so I may AFK in chase sometimes. Take this as a W and rub it in my face on how I can't afford better hardware.
-I'm obsessed with Jane, I'll probably let you live or tunnel you to watch that ass bounce (maybe)
-If you draw NSFW art DM me so I can give you $ for degenerate Jane art frfr
-If I DC I usually just am in a foul mood that's mostly self anger or I'm on a killer I'm trying to do dailies for and hate playing. I'd rather eat the DC timer than play on some maps. Sorry not sorry.
-If I give up and don't feel like DCing I'll just depression AFK in a corner probably
-please don't take me to Bargo, I have an astigmatism and am near-sighted. I literally cannot see anything on this map (OH GOD NOW TOBA LANDING DOES IT TOO HELP)
-I like both insults and compliments to my play style so if you wanna compliment me or baby rage go nuts in my comments
-I want a pirate killer and a dinosaur killer
-If you have the Attack on Titan skins I might tunnel you because I hate that anime/manga
-I play a big pool of killers but I consider Nemsis and Clown my "mains" I guess?
-I take a lot of extended breaks on this game for my own sanity
-I rarely say gg not because I'm mad but because I'd rather go next or I just don't really find many games fun. Even if I 4k.
-almost 3k hours and I'm still complete crap
-I'll randomly go between playing dumb meta perks or goofy nonsensical meme builds. Will sometimes run randomizers to try to find funny combos.
-My play style is reflected by my mood. I can be a fun nice killer one game then a complete sweatlord the next. Idk, thank my Bi-polar for that.
-If you point at me, flashlight click me, beckon me over, or teabag me. Don't get mad if I give you the nodders, hit you on the hook, W-S dryhump you, or whatever else back in return. So stupid.
-I only really camp if there's 1-2 survivors left or if its like mega end game and I have no other objectives to really go far. Sorry.
-I used to stream this game but not anymore cause no audience + a few other reasons. Maybe in the future when I get a better CPU

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VentingSylar Feb 14 @ 11:31pm 
SIT ON ME, JANE!!!! Feb 14 @ 11:29pm 
love you too mate
VentingSylar Feb 14 @ 11:16pm 
because they don't add anything
VentingSylar Feb 14 @ 11:16pm 
Bro what ♥♥♥♥ talk? I didn't say anything bad about you. In fact I gave you my sympathies. I deleted the comments they don't add anything to my profile.
VentingSylar Feb 14 @ 10:15pm 
I was gonna -Rep you but after reading that profile description, I just feel bad for you.
SIT ON ME, JANE!!!! Feb 13 @ 7:32pm 
Mom told me to eat all my food so i grow big n' strong
now look at me
fat ♥♥♥♥