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This Guide will explain my play style! including Runes and Weapon Mods!
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DOOM Eternal Definitive Review


before this review starts here are some things to know!
From now on whenever i review games it'll cover 6 Major Points!

Replay Value

I Played DOOM Eternal day one on Hurt Me Plenty and played another time on Ultra Violence
I will be talking about my experience and thoughts from Ultra Violence
also there will be spoilers, you have been warned!


The Core Gameplay is amazing, the combat loop is simple yet complicated when you dive into the game!
Glory Kill for Health
Chainsaw for Ammo
FlameBelch for Armor
Glory Kill for Blood Punch

its hard to explain how it gets complicated but just know each enemy, like the originals have a certain dance you do with them! it's the DOOM Dance, a symphony of destruction for lack of better words


As with most DOOM Games, the story is there but its optional, DOOM Eternal has fully Skip-able cutscenes and optional lore pages in the form of Codex Entries! the story may seem simple at first glance but when you go into it its way more complicated! like when its revealed that the DOOMSlayer is the Original DOOMGuy recruited by the Night Sentinels after he proved his worth in the arena! or in the DLC, The Ancient Gods Part 1, where its revealed that the dark lord is indeed hells version of the DOOMSlayer, hinting that maybe DOOMGuys life was all part of the Father's Plan! the lore is rich and fits well into the DOOM Universe

Replay Value

Nothing much to say other than yes it has a lot of replay value even if you get all the collectibles


In terms of mechanics the game has a wide range of them,

Blood Punch
Equipment Launcher
Flame Belch
Wall Climbing
Swinging from Bars in the environment
Double Jump

so much can be done with these mechanics some new some old!

you get double jump from the very beginning! so movement is a high priority!


DOOM Eternal lets you customize basically everything via the menu!
DOOM Eternal also has a bunch of slayer skins you can use, like the Classic Skin, DOOM 2016 Skin, Sentinel Armor Skin! and so much more via monthly events! even some mini events!

DOOM Eternal sadly had to cut Snapmap and Multiplayer in order to work on a new take on Multiplayer for DOOM, known as BattleMode, 2 player controlled Demons vs 1 Player Controlled Slayer! as of now i don't play it much so you make your own judgement on it!


Mick Gordon outdid himself on this soundtrack for the base campaign, it blows DOOM 2016's Soundtrack out of the water!

as for the DLC

Devid Levy and Andrew Hulshult did amazing!

Favorite tracks are Cultist Base, Trial Of Maligog, UAC Atlantica Heavy Fighting, and The Only Thing They Fear is you but in all i love the whole soundtrack and i can't wait to hear how DLC 2's soundtrack will be!


DOOM Eternal and by extension DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 1 is an amazing game! pushing the player to become all they can be! it's sad that it didn't win Game of The Year but we as DOOM Fans need to remember we love the DOOM Series no matter what! and no Title or Badge will ever stop us from loving it!

Final Verdict

and the final score for my review is.... 10/10!

DOOM Eternal in my books is a testament to what ID Software stands for, making games that not only push gaming forward a few years but also making games fun and exciting!

I Cannot wait to see how much more we get in The Ancient Gods Part 2!

if DOOM Eternal is Classic DOOM 2, then The Ancient Gods Part 1 is the first part of Plutonia and I want The Ancient Gods Part 2 to be even more! i want it to be like the rest of Plutonia! bring it on ID Software! Bring. It. On!
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