## Cards Purchasing BOT
Type !check to start.

You can also check Leaf Card BOT for normal card sets.
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:black_dot: The bot buys single steam cards for TF2 keys and Gems.
:black_dot: In order to trade with bot you can use !check to see how much are your cards worth
:black_dot: BOT buys card at around 1:18-1:25 ratio , depending on the card rarity, market price and card bot prices. For a free games the ratio can be slightly lower.
:black_dot: BOT pays 1.5-2.0x premium for Foil cards and 3.0x for boosters.
:black_dot: If you want to sell only specific cards, you can send bot a manual trade offer using Trade Link

BOT Command List - write everything in steam chat window

:black_dot: !check - check how many CS:GO/TF2 keys and gems you can receive for your cards

:black_dot: !checkfull - extended and more detailed version of !check

TF2 commands

:black_dot: !sellalltf2 - sell all your cards for TF2 keys and gems

:black_dot: !selltf2 X - sell all your cards for X TF2 keys and gems (must have enough cards for X keys)

:black_dot: !sellnormaltf2 - sell all your normal cards for TF2 keys and gems
:black_dot: !sellfoilstf2 - sell all your foil cards for TF2 keys and gems
:black_dot: !sellboosterstf2 - sell all your boosters for TF2 keys and gems

Usefull links

Guide: How to automatically craft Steam Card Sets with Steam-AutoCraft?

Junk Bot - buying wallpapers and backgrounds for Gems


:black_dot: The BOT cant send you offer if your inventory is set to private or if you cant trade (i.e. you changed e-mail address recently)
:black_dot: The BOT can automatically remove you after 24hours without a trade. If you want to get information about new sets, you can always join Steam Group
:black_dot: If your trade for some reason got rejected try to send it again after 5 minutes. Some trades with 1k+ cards need a moment to be processed and the processing time is outside of BOT's control.
:black_dot: Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
:black_dot: If you want to contact moderator please use :LTTR: Group Forum Thread :LTTR:
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