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Travis makes his long awaited return after 9 long years! This game itself is a bit more different than what you'd tend to expect if you're coming in from the past two other entries in this franchise.

The whole arcade-esque feeling it goes for is different for sure, at times it can be weird but don't let the genuinely fun hacks n' slashing you'll be doing discourage you from it. If you're looking to get into this game as a newcomer to the franchise I'd strongly suggest playing the first two games before getting into it as there are plenty of references of the two games tied to the story that would jump over your head. A personal favorite of mine in this game is the large representation of many indie titles you get to see in-game (even in the smallest ways like a shirt and a level it still pleases me to see it at all.)

The soundtrack for Travis Strikes Again is easily a personal favorite of mine with how experimental it gets keeping myself up for 10 hours of gaming a day. With the different tracks ranging from a drum and bass to rap to heavily dramatic music pulled by the guitars demanding your full attention before bringing in your target.

No game is without its flaws, that's for sure. However they feel small in comparison to what your getting overall. Like the issues of me being in "Life is Destroy" and being super tiny to the point where i wouldn't blame someone if they literally had to squint just to make out where they are. Another issue of mine is the quality of each level which can include the level I mentioned already along with how some stages are dragged on longer than they're welcome.

Overall: If you're a fan of the No More Heroes franchise this is one great title for you, while it is a spin-off it is a great pickup to hold you while waiting for the upcoming No More Heroes 3. It is a satisfying bone to gnaw on until its release.
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