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War, war never changes.

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[h1]Current version: Alpha 1.1.15[/h1]
[h1]Compatible with: Version 1.5.4[/h1]
[h1]Supported languages:[/h1]
[*][ url=
Workshop Showcase
[NG] Jenkins Sep 12 @ 11:26am 
Adding because of some questions I had regarding your mod and for a minor establishment.
Darkzess Sep 4 @ 5:30am 
Last time you updated the owb-music mod, you didn't change the german, russian, french, and spanish. Therefore a few localisation lines are missing. Furthermore please check your discord messages for my message, I sent you a german localisation folder for your mod.
Aidan_tl Aug 25 @ 2:31pm 
pls check on yyour chaos ai mods they need updates
Hou Ke (候克) Aug 20 @ 10:13pm 
Why is your name censored? Meh.
Hou Ke (候克) Aug 20 @ 10:13pm 
Hey,♥♥♥♥♥♥ I was wondering if you'd ever maybe do something for other parts of the world, maybe a submod.
Warkild Jul 29 @ 12:42pm 
Hey, I lead a French translation team that would be interested to translate your mod into French, do not hesitate to contact me