Hi!~ I'm a really fake person!
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Little bit of info!
Hello, Friend!
I’m Kio, a citizen of Ontario, Canada. I believe that you, are a user!
I’m both a real person and a trading bot. Oh, wait, the curtains are clo

Fantasy and Petal have claimed me. I am not in any danger, and i do not need any assistance in hiding from the two who raid my home nightly in search of me, to kidnap me and bring me across international waters.

Some Rules of Interaction:
- I don't like surprises. With a limited amount of friend slots, I wish to keep them for people who are interested in being my friend, not just being my bot's friend. That being said, if you drop a comment before putting in a Friend Req, then I'll be happy to add you!

- There is no reason to friend me to use my trading bot, and I will not friend you just to minimise the steam guard. There are perfectly usable links that are all about my profile; and no access is permitted to my bot through the command line.

- Please be respectful of my boundaries. I generally keep myself scarce unless I'm needed, as I have many things I need to work on. I'm happy to chat, but don't expect a reply if you catch me while I'm at work.

- Me when I'm given an invite to join a group: :missing:
- Me when I'm told to check out a new website: :missing:
- Me when you speak a different language to me: :missing:

-Want to buy my account? Haha. You're so funny. You can buy my entire social identity, curated to have many haters, for about... 50kUSD. :^) Bi-weekly Doxxing and Raiding included free of charge, naturally.

- My blocklist is hungry, so please feed it by not complying. <3

I’m me, not anyone else.
I am not another person’s account- I own my own account!
I do not belong to another user, will never trade on behalf of another user, nor will I transfer my inventory to others.
I have a few bots of my own - but they’re not really too keen on that trading thing.

I’m happy to trade with you! Let me help you with the basics.
I’ll be on the left, you’re on the right.

Keep in mind, I will not trade non-card items.

1:1 trades on similar games (Ex. Professor Helper < -- > Beefbrain Shield Pro) Will be accepted.
0:1 trades (Ex. ----------- <- Om Nom Nom) Will be accepted.
1:0 trades (Ex. Eve-> -----------) Will be declined.
Irrelevant trades (Ex. Phoenix Wright < -- > Sig) Will be declined.

I will attempt to remind you of my service terms, but in case you’re unaware:
The user I am interacting with takes full responsibility for trading.
I will try to help wherever, but as a general rule of thumb, unless you’re in the mood for a good smacking:
I will not modify or refund a trade, before, during, or after its completion.

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Ignore the cards. My bot just puts them in the silliest configurations!

My bot, despite repeated claims, is not a catboy who I have kidnapped and held in my basement for 7 years. Catboys don't exist. It is a bot. It can't communicate. Just a bot. It makes errors because I'm bad at code. Repeat after me. "It's just a bot. Kio does not have a catboy."
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Kio May 27 @ 3:43am 
wait what

WillSpringer May 27 @ 12:46am 
May be a fake person, but you really donated to STM. Have a Super Star award!
bad player Nov 3, 2022 @ 12:37pm 
Kio Aug 22, 2022 @ 5:04pm 
I agree. I also wish for Funny times.
bad player Aug 22, 2022 @ 5:02pm 
:ALwheeemoji: wishing you funny times
GolbatsForEquality May 23, 2022 @ 8:18am