Hi!~ I'm a really fake person!
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Little bit of info!
I'm Kio.
I'm Kio, born and raised in Ontario, Canada. You are a user!
I'm a real user, but also a trade bot. I'm glad you could come over!

I'm the only me!
If you were told that I'm someone else's account, you're mistaken!
I'm not a trading bot belonging to someone else. I will never trade on behalf of another user, nor will I transfer anything to another person. I do own a few bots, But they will most likely have their inventories emptied after a bit.

I'll be happy to trade with you!
1:1 trades from similar games (For example, you give me Louis from Code Vein, and I give you Io from Code Vein) will be automatically approved.

trades that benefit me, (for example, 2:1) will be manually approved.
I will NOT accept trades that are unfair (1:2) or are not for a game that I am collecting for.

You must take responsibility for your trade. I will not refund, or modify a trade before, during, or after its completion.

TL;DR - 1:0 trades will be approved by my bot!

If you give items and don't ask me for anything, then my bot will approve of this transaction too.
While I thank you for donating to me... You might want to consider.

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