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Welcome to Leaf Coupon BOT. The BOT helps you get rid off excess coupons, while providing them to those who need them. This BOT is free of charge to use for all steam users.
In non-Steam game
Coupon BOT - donate/receive coupons
How to donate coupons?

1. Type !all in steam chat window. This command will send automatic offer for all your coupons.

2. You can also send offer manually with coupons only through Trade Link

How to get coupons from the bot?

1. In order to get a coupon from the BOT, just send offer with maximum 1 coupon per offer.

If you send offer for more coupons, it will get rejected. If the offer will have anything else than coupons it will get rejected. There are no limits to trades per user.

Hall of Fame Donators

1. jawa - 7791 coupons
2. MrSteakPotato - 3754 coupons
3. HALLEY - 3717 coupons

4. redolent - 2001 coupons
5. shelter - 2639 coupons
6. kHAOT1K - 1551 coupons
7. crazyian1000 - 1140 coupons
8. vocean - 1120 coupons
9. DominiCk - 1008 coupons
10. Mac - 960 coupons
11. Malignity - 879 coupons
12. Phil - 829 coupons
13. razorcell - 702 coupons
14. Pero - 657coupons

Right now the list is updated manually and it will have to be re-written hopefully soon. If you want to be here, leave me message in support thread.


:black_dot: The BOT cant send you offer if your inventory is set to private or if you cant trade (i.e. you changed e-mail address recently)
:black_dot: I reserve right to ban anyone who abuses bot
:black_dot: The BOT can automatically remove you after 48 hours without a trade. If you want to get information about new sets, you can always join Steam Group
:black_dot: Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
:black_dot: If you want to contact moderator please use :LTTR: Group Forum Thread :LTTR:
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