Human Tree92
William Joseph Plunkett Jr   Harrisonville, Missouri, United States
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About Me
My name is William Joseph Plunkett Jr. named after my father. My Nickname is Human Tree92. I am born & raised in a small town called Butler, Missouri. I have a loving Mother, Father, & 1 Older Brother who is much shorter than me. I’m 7ft tall & I don’t weigh that much. I have no kids nor am I married yet. I do have a Girlfriend who I have been with for over 5yrs. I respect everyone & I don’t hold anything against anybody. I’m a Country Guy who loves to go out & have a good time. In my free time I like to Drink, Go Mudding, Fishing, Cooking, Watching Movies, Playing Video Games, Camping, & Floating Down Rivers.

I also run my own Electronics Business called Velociti Entertainment. It’s a Buy-Sell-Repair Business. I also run my own PC Gaming Community under my business. We host our own Game Servers & also rent out Voice Servers for a Cheap Price. I plan on in the future trying to become a Police Officer. When I get older I would like to become a Truck Driver so I can see the rest of the USA before I die. I know a lot about Computers & the Law.

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My PC Specs & Other Info
- OBS (Broadcasting Software)
- SteelSeries Arctis 7 (Headset)
- Logitech C920 (Webcam)
- Corsair M65 Pro RGB (Mouse)
- Corsair K95 Vengance RGB (Keyboard)
- Toshiba 55in (Main), Dell 22in (2nd), & Dell 22in (3rd)
- Alienware X51 (GeForce GTX 1060 FE, Intel Core I7-2600 3.40GHz, 8GB Ram, Windows 10, 4TB Internal, & 2TB External.)

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Velociti Entertainment (VENT or VE) is an Electronics Company & a PC Gaming Community. We here at VENT mainly focus on Role-Playing & Action but play other types of Genres. We provide a Fun Realistic Role-Play Experience with all the games we play but try keep everything as fun as possible. We have many Positions for players to Rank up in our Gaming Community & our Sub Communities. You can see what all games we play on our Forums. Comes check us out & join our TS3. If you would like to take part & rank up in our Community you can become a VE Member or you can Join our TS3 as a VE Friend & play with your friends on our TS3 without the Hassle of starting your own TS3. We have many Channels players can play all types of Games In.

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