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This Life is Strange is "almost" as good as the original Life is Strange, almost.
the thing is, the relationship between Alex and Steph is not even close to what Maxine and Chloe had in the original Life is Strange,but I still like it.

Life is Strange True Colors is colorful and graphics are nice. during the gameplay, there were 2 or 3 occasions that I felt the gameplay is boring/childish but that's fine with me, the rest of the story very well compensated for that, by being interesting and cool.
I felt the absence of the ability to skip through cutscenes in this game.

the choices I had to make were good and had some noticeable consequences and changes further down the line in the story.

at the end I was wishing the game to be longer and let me continue but unfortunately it wasn't as long as I'd expected.

overall, i'd give it a 7/10 or 7.5/10.

The truth is, the story didn't really know what it wants to be, they wanted to cover a wide variety of issues in this game.
LGBT rights, mental issues, forgiveness, homelessness, being racially inclusive etc.
that's too much to include in one game. instead of having 20% of everything, they should've focused on one thing or two and made the story and game around that.

again, I have to say that I prefer the original Life is Strange over this one, and I really hope one day I can see a Life is Strange game that outperforms the original one.

if you're a fan of Life is Strange series, then I highly recommend playing this game too, it's from the same team with the same type of story and gameplay. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1180660/Tell_Me_Why/
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Easily one of the most beautiful games i've ever played, if not The most beautiful one.
I just finished the game few minutes ago, listening to game credits with the awesome soundtrack in the background right now...

i don't know where to start. the Medium is breathtaking, very-well made with a very rich story that touches not only your heart but also your soul. that's how unique the story is.
gameplay-wise, it's perfect for this type of game. fixed-dynamic camera gives me the original feeling of true horror games.
it's easily on par with Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, with better graphics.

sound tracks are top of the line, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Akira did well once again.

it took me around 15 hours to complete the game.

i want to thank the team, they mentioned at the ending this was their biggest project. you guys did very well, kudos to each one of you. i'm really hoping this game gets DLCs, i'd definitely buy them. also maybe too early but i also would LOVE to see the Medium 2.

the ending was definitely unexpected, i just leave it there, don't want to spoil anything.

i absolutely love Marianne and her sister.

gonna play the Medium more times cuz one time wasn't enough.

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