One Tough Cream Puff
Dylan Amos Moses   Glasgow City, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Friendship is like peeing yourself, everyone can see it but you only get the warm feeling that it brings!
Sorry, Too horny to fight crime
Welcome to my happy world now get your shit and leave
Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead
The secret ingrediant is love damnit!
Why do we cry, when it's the onions getting hurt?
Notify their next of kin; they're next!
Why don't you make like a sheperd and get the flock outta here
People ask me if i have a God complex...I am God
How can i say "i love you" when you're sitting on my face.
Ever since i discovered my male member was gonna give me no peace i decided to give it no rest in return.
You're not even a peice of shit; shit makes flowers grow. You're a used tampon.
Hobbies Include: Cannibalism

Plus, I have a tiny weenie

I do go by many names and many personas, here is the list of my most known and personal favourites:

Never Fear, The Clown is here
Never Fear, The Clown is horny
Ass-Kisser 69'
Sir Quincy Marmalade
Your Weird Little Fetish
A Semi-Passible Player.
Bacon Condom
Your Lucky Third Nipple
Simon Says "Twerk"
Pinkeye Pirate
Pretty fly for a Rabbi
Cutie Booty
Blue's Clues: You Lose!
Swag Man Cometh
Pay the cost to be the b0ss

But most people just call me "Babble"

My Youtube.
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Achievement Showcase
Perfect Games
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Created by - One Tough Cream Puff
This guide is an easy way to get all the combo breaker achievements, i discovered this by attempting the 100 combo chain kill streak (Double-D Combo Breaker).

A step by step with in-game pictures by me.

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   ,-、          ,.-、
        ./:::::\        /::::::ヽ
       /::::::::::::;ゝ--──-- 、._/::::::::::::::|
       /,.-‐''"´          \:::::::::|
     /              ヽ、::|
    /    ●                ヽ|
     l   、、、             ●     l
    .|        (_人__丿   、、、  |
     l                   l
    ` 、                    /
      `ー 、__             /
         /`'''ー‐‐──‐‐‐┬--- /hey thar