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Cyberpunk 2077
A recorded message begins to play on the loudspeaker.
Announcer: "Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa transit system.
This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of
the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. The time is 8:47 A.M.
Current topside temperature is 93 degrees with an estimated high of
105. The Black Mesa compound is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at
all times. This train is inbound from level 3 dormitories to sector C
test labs and control facilities. If your intended destination is a
high security area beyond sector C, you will need to return to the
central transit hub in area 9 and board a high security train. If you
have not yet submitted your identity to the retinal clearance system,
you must report to Black Mesa personnel for processing before you will
be permitted into the high security branch of the transit system.

"Due to the high toxicity of material routinely handled in the Black
Mesa compound, no smoking, eating, or drinking are permitted within the
Black Mesa transit system. Please keep your limbs inside the train at
all times. Do not attempt to open the doors until the train has come to
a complete halt at the station platform. In the event of an emergency,
passengers are to remain seated and await further instruction. If it is
necessary to exit the train, disabled personnel should be evacuated
first. Please, stay away from electrified rails and proceed to an
emergency station until assistance arrives. "

Gordon Freeman
Male, Age 27

Ph.D., MIT, Theoretical Physics

Research Associate

Anomalous Materials Laboratory

Level 3



Announcer: "A reminder: that the Black Mesa Hazard Course decathalon
will commence this evening at 1900 hours in the Level 3 facility. The
semi-finals for high security personnel will be announced in a separate
secure broadcast transmission. Remember: more lives than yours may
depend on your fitness.

"Do you have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to
the Black Mesa Team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of:
materials handling, and low clearance security. Please contact Black
Mesa personnel for further information. If you have an associate with a
background in the areas of: theoretical physics, biotechnology, or
other high-tech disciplines, please contact our civilian recruiting
team. The Black Mesa Facility is an equal opportunity employer.

"A reminder to all Black Mesa personnel: regular radiation and
biohazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment in the
Black Mesa Research Facility. Missing a scheduled urinalysis or
radiation checkup is grounds for immediate termination. If you feel you
have been exposed to radioactive or other hazardous materials in the
course of your duties, contact your radiation safety officer
immediately. Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it."

The train stops at a long catwalk and a security officer walks toward

Announcer: "Now arriving at sector C test labs and control facilities.
Please stand back from the automated door, and wait for the security
officer to verify your identity. Before exiting the train, be sure to
check your area for personal belongings. Thank you, and have a very
safe and productive day."

Security Guard: "Mornin, Mr. Freeman. Looks like you're runnin late."

Freeman steps into the airlock. Words onscreen announce the beginning


Freeman walks up to the desk. There is a security guard and a

Security Guard: "Hey, Mr. Freeman. I had a bunch of messages for you,
but we had a system crash about 20 minutes ago, and I'm still tryin to
find my files. Just one of those days, I guess. They were havin some
problems down in the test chamber, too, but I think that's all
straightened out. They told me to make sure you headed down there as
soon as you got into your hazard suit."

Freeman pushes a button, causing a computer terminal to pop up.

Scientist: "Get away from there, Freeman! I'm expecting an important

Freeman pushes a button under the desk, setting off a security alarm.

Scientist: "My God! What are you doing?!"
Guard: "Hey, stop that! Come on, Gordon, are you trying to get me into

Freeman heads into the complex, overhearing some of the conversation
between the scientists. Heading toward the test chamber, Freeman is
stopped by the security guard.

Guard: "Sorry, Mr. Freeman, I got explicit orders not to let you
through without your hazard suit on."

Freeman goes to the locker room and puts on his hazard suit.

H.E.V.: "Welcome to the H.E.V. mark IV protective system for use in
hazardous environment conditions. High-impact reactive armor activated.
Atmospheric contaminant sensors activated. Automatic medical systems
engaged. Defensive weapon selection system activated. Munition level
monitoring activated. Communications interface online. Have a very safe

The guard now allows Freeman through and uses the retinal scanner to
open the door to the test lab.

Guard: "Go right on through sir. Looks like you're in the barrel
Gordon proceeds through the test lab and comes upon a group of three

Scientist 1: "Ah, Gordon. Here you are. We just sent the sample down to
the test chamber. "
Scientist 2: "We boosted the anti-mass spectrometer 105%. Bit of a
gamble, but we need the extra resolution."
Scientist 3: "The administrator is very concerned that we get a
conclusive analysis of today's sample. I gather they went to some
length to get it."
Scientist 1: "They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber."

The scientist unlocks the door for Gordon using the retinal scanner. He
proceeds down an elevator and toward the test chamber. On the way
there, a circuit board explodes near two scientists, who rush over to
check it out.

Scientist 4: "It's about to go critical!"
Scientist 5: "What the hell is going on with our equipment?"
Scientist 4: "It wasn't meant to do this in the first place."

Gordon reaches the entrance to the test chamber, where two scientists
are waiting for him.

Scientist 6: "I'm afraid we'll be deviating a bit from standard
analysis procedures today, Gordon."
Scientist 7: "Yes, but with good reason. This is a rare opportunity for
us. This is the purest sample we've seen yet."
Scientist 6: "And, potenti
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