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Mass Effect Collection
Our collection of Mass Effect inspired civilizations and files.

To-do list:

Release a collection of City-States, based on mercenary gangs and various organisations.
Create atlas symbols. This means that situations where their symbols appear different from their actual symbol (like if it appears as Washingtons randomly) will instead appear as theirs.
Add two new luxury resources: Element Zero and Red Sand.
Flesh out Civilopedia entries for various things.

Special thanks:

A massive thanks to Engorn, on Deviantart, for letting us use his symbols and creating new ones for us.

Tomatekh, for all the invaluable help with modding information.

a-iccara, on Deviantart, for allowing us to use her amazing Wrex picture as the symbol for the Krogan and for creating the Rachni, Collector, Drell, Prothean, Reaper and Terminus symbol just for this collection. Seriously, go check her out: http://a-iccara.deviantart.com/

Brinx2, on Deviantart, for allowing us to use his amazing Garrus picture as our Turian banner, and for creating the Thane picture in the Drell banner.

Marsh, on Deviantart, for allowing us to use her fantastic Hanar picture for the Voyage of Light.

And of course, Bioware, for creating this fantastic universe. Without them this wouldn't be possible.

And an extra special thanks as this has passed 100k downloads. I would like to thank everyone who has downloaded these mods and given such wonderful feedback. It really has motivated me to continue and I never dreamed it would be this popular. Thank you for the support.


If you're having trouble downloading or activating these mods, there's a troubleshooting guide in the description of each of the civs.
Items (20)
[G&K] Asari Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Asari Republics as a Civilization, led by Liara T'Soni.

Born on Thessia to her mother Benezia, and her 'father' Aethyta whom she never knew, Liara T'Soni grew up alone with her mother and had a love of archaeology from a young age. At age 60 s...
[G&K] Geth Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Geth Consensus as a Civilization, led by Legion.

Legion is a unique Geth mobile platform, designed to operate outside of Geth space and to interact with organics. To that purpose, it houses 1,183 geth programs, as opposed to the roughly one hu...
[G&K] Volus Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Vol Protectorate as a Civilization, led by Din Korlack.

Din Korlack is the Volus Ambassador, the galactic representation of the Volus. Annoyed that his people aren't being fully recognised for their incredible aid and work throughout history, ...
[G&K] Turian Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Turian Hierarchy as a Civilization, led by Garrus Vakarian.

Garrus Vakarian is a Turian, formerly with C-Sec's Investigation Division. Like most Turians, Garrus had military training at fifteen, but later followed in his father's footsteps to ...
[G&K] Krogan Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Krogan Clans as a Civilization, led by Urdnot Wrex.

A famed Krogan mercenary, bounty hunter, and clan leader, Urdnot Wrex is also one of the last Krogan Battlemasters: rare individuals who combine powerful biotic abilities with the devastating...
[G&K] Hanar Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Illuminated Primacy as a Civilization, led by Blasto.

Blasto is the first Hanar Spectre, an elite group composed of the best the galaxy has to offer. Blasto roams the galaxy meting his violent brand of justice, all while remaining incredibly p...
[G&K] Rachni Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Rachni Hive as a Civilization, led by the Rachni Queen.

The Rachni Queen is the matriarch of the hive-minded, insectoid Rachni species. The largest of her species at about fifty feet long, the Queen is a powerful and intelligent being who guid...
[G&K] Quarian Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Migrant Fleet as a Civilization, led by Tali'Zorah.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, also known as Tali'Zorah vas Normandy at various stages of her life, is a young female Quarian and daughter of one of the Admirals of the Migrant Fleet. During her Pilgr...
[G&K] Cerberus Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds Cerberus as a Civilization, led by the Illusive Man.

The Illusive Man is the elusive, secretive, and well informed leader of Cerberus. The Illusive Man's real name and his life before Cerberus are both long forgotten. For years, the Illusive Man h...
[G&K] Collector Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Collector Swarm as a Civilization, led by the Collector General.

The mysterious Collector General is a unique Collector who commands and guides the rest of the Collectors with unparalleled efficiency. The General also has a unique ability, he ...
[G&K] Vorcha Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Vorcha Pack as a Civilization, led by Gryll.

Gryll is the cunning and ambitious leader of the Vorcha. After fighting his way tooth and claw to become second-in-command, he used an intelligence rarely seen in the Vorcha to trick his leader int...
[G&K] Alliance Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Systems Alliance as a Civilization, led by Admiral Hackett.

Hackett was born in Buenos Aires in 2134. When his mother died in 2146, he was placed in the Advanced Training Academy for Juveniles, where his affinity for science and leadership qu...
[G&K] Drell Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Drell Compact as a Civilization, led by Thane Krios.

Born in 2146, Thane Krios is a Drell assassin, rumoured to be the most skilled in the galaxy. He began his training at the age of six, and at the age of twelve he made his first kill. Unlike...
[G&K] Elcor Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Courts of Dekuuna as a Civilization, led by Calyn.

Calyn is the Elcor Ambassador, the galactic representation of the Elcor. Like most Elcor, he is very even-tempered and peaceful, even to the stage where he expresses shock and horror at jokes...
[G&K] Salarian Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Salarian Union as a Civilization, led by Mordin Solus.

Mordin Solus is a Salarian geneticist, professor, and a former operative of the Special Tasks Group. Mordin has a moral character best described as consequentialistic, believing the ends ...
[G&K] Batarian Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Batarian Hegemony as a Civilization, led by Ka'hairal Balak.

Balak is a violent, but intelligent, military leader of the Batarians. Despite being responsible for a number of terrorist attacks, he believes every action he performs is for the b...
[G&K] Prothean Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Prothean Empire as a Civilization, led by Javik.

In Prothean society, there were many 'Avatars', Protheans who embodied a single virtue for the society. Javik is one of those Avatars, and his virtue is Vengeance. A powerful warrior, Javik was...
[G&K] Reaper Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Reaper Armada as a Civilization, led by Harbinger.

Deliberately Overpowered. Not Meant For a Normal Match.

Harbinger is believed to be the oldest and largest Reaper who, like the rest of the Reaper fleet, resides in dark spac...
[G&K] Terminus Civilization
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Terminus Systems as a Civilization, led by Aria T'Loak.

Aria is the ruthless Asari leader, the "Pirate Queen", of Omega, the lawless hub of the Terminus Systems. She rules it with an iron fist, backed by extremely loyal men, and almost nothin...
[BNW] Mass Effect Civilizations
Created by Pluvia
Adds the Brave New World versions of the 19 Mass Effect races.

This mod contains all of the up-to-date Mass Effect races in one handy pack. This pack will be updated regulary to either match any changes made to the Gods and Kings versions, or to add ne...
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Dunabar Sep 6 @ 10:11am 
Hey Pluvia, really enjoy your Mass Effect mod work! I sent you a friend request because I want to talk to you about a little something I'm working on. Getting your feedback on it would be most appreciated
revan Sep 5 @ 9:28am 
cheers il give it a whirl
Pluvia  [author] Sep 5 @ 9:20am 
@Revan - Just download the BNW pack they're all in that.
revan Sep 5 @ 8:45am 
the troubleshoot help didnt help last few months iv come back to this mod and only one or two races show up despite suscribling them all
Ego Banana Aug 30 @ 10:39am 
Will you be planning to make a Mass Effect series of mods for Beyond Earth?
pattyfitzp100 Aug 24 @ 2:27am 
it would be really really really cool if you could make some of the civs actually look different. i really enjoy the mod and think its amazing thankyou for creating it ,keep up the good work!
Pluvia  [author] Aug 10 @ 3:19am 
(Cont.) - Seeing as though the Terminus are the lawless it makes sense that their units aren't as well trained as a real military (like the design behind their UU). To represent this I might change their UB to replace the Armory rather than the Mint. This will mean they automatically miss out on a +15 exp, and most cities will also miss out on the Military Academy. By doing this they'll get to keep their strengths, but their armies will have less experience than the rest of the ME races and they will therefore be easier to weaken.
Pluvia  [author] Aug 10 @ 3:18am 
(Cont.) - The design policy behind their civ is "Production/Gold based, bonus with city-states, centered around Omega". Their weaknesses are supposed to be the difficulty of controlling city-states, the fact almost everything is centered around Omega, and their weak UU and UB. The UB is situational and me, the UU is good at what it does but can't fight in wars due to it being a pirate and not a trained soldier. Though right now their strengths seem to be outclassing their weaknesses, but I don't want to nerf their strengths, instead I want to exacerbate their weaknesses.

(Continued again in next post, thanks Steam character limit).
Pluvia  [author] Aug 10 @ 2:21am 
@Anyone that interested - So there's an update that shoulda been here by now, but was delayed due to problems getting Sovereign to work correctly and a whole ton of real life issues. Anyway I'm glad that it was as it had a bunch of tiny balance tweaks, but never touched the Terminus. Anyway point is there might be a big(ish) nerf to the Terminus coming. I'll elaborate in the next post due to the character limit on Steam:
Pluvia  [author] Aug 4 @ 6:05am 
@Dustcan - You could check their XML but generally they should act the way their species do in Mass Effect, with tiny adjustments for balance.