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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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[BNW] Mass Effect Civilizations
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Aug 25, 2013 @ 8:18pm
Sep 8, 2015 @ 6:00am
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[BNW] Mass Effect Civilizations

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Adds the Brave New World versions of the 19 Mass Effect races.


This mod contains all of the up-to-date Mass Effect races in one handy pack. This pack will be updated regulary to either match any changes made to the Gods and Kings versions, or to add new features to the races that makes greater use of the BNW features. Some of them may be changed minimally, some may be changed dramatically.

List of changes from Gods and Kings:

All of them have the updated AI needed for BNW and, as the G&K versions are no longer worked on, multiple changes and improvements from those versions.


Terminus Systems:

City-states no longer grant increased bonuses. Allied city-states now grant 1 extra delegate. Omega has (100%) increased trade route range and receives 6 extra gold from trade routes (target receives 50% of bonus). City-state friendship modifier reduced from 100% to 20%.


All feedback, ideas, ratings and questions are welcome. Feel free to post them in the comments section.

Mass Effect and all related names are tm and (c) to Bioware.


  • This mod requires Brave New World. The Gods And Kings versions can be found here.
  • If you have Brave New World and don't know how to download or activate this mod, please follow this step-by-step guide by clicking here[].
  • If you have a Mac then Steam Workshop wont work for you. Please click here[] and follow the instructions.
  • If the step-by-step guide or the troubleshooting still never fixed your problem, it's a common cache issue, which can be fixed by these steps:

    1) Unsubscribe from the mod. Exit Steam and Civ 5 completely
    2) Empty your mod folder (create backups) located at: C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\My documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
    3) Delete the 'Civ5ModsDatabase.db' file located at: C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\My documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache
    4) Restart steam, subscribe, restart Civ 5.

Removing the Reapers

To remove the Reapers simple go to:

C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\BNW Mass Effect\XML\Civilisations

Then Cut and Paste the Reaper folder somewhere else. When you want the Reapers back in your game, simply Paste the folder back to that location.

This will not cause any problems or crashes in your game, it will simply remove the Reapers and the game will never chose them.
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Update September 2015, Version 7
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Ah yes, "Reapers" May 14 @ 6:38am 
This mod has a lot of potential, if you ask me...
...but I can't expect you to do an "Advance Air/Ground/Naval Units Megamod" style overhaul of the game.
marta.prpu Apr 23 @ 5:44am 
@Pluvia - Thank you so much, this mod made me want to play Civilizations all over again (can't stop) so the more races the merrier. I hope you enjoy ME Andromeda :)
Pluvia  [author] Apr 23 @ 2:10am 
@Marta.prpu - I will. Need to get the game first though (will get it within this week) and then plan them. It takes time to plan and create them though, I need to fit them in with the balance of the rest of the ME races.

I have a vague direction I want to take them down already though. The Angara should be friendly and have a happiness/declarations of friendship sort of route, the Kett should be combat/faith.

Early plans though. A lot can change. And they're still some ways off.
marta.prpu Apr 23 @ 12:47am 
I love it! Would you consider adding the races from Andromeda?
Spearmints Apr 22 @ 8:51am 
PLEASE! Make them multiplayer
Lt Ulquiorra Apr 14 @ 6:01pm 
Does this work with CBP/Vox Populi?
Scormia Jan 14 @ 6:48pm 
When i launch the game...i didn't see the mod anywhere. How can i fix that?
Moodle Jan 12 @ 6:32pm 
Hey could you set up a way so people can do a manual installation. I'm having that problem when I try to download this mod on Civ it just crashes. Would be appreciated.
DoomBlackDragon Jan 10 @ 12:44pm 
I like this mod a lot but shame that most of the races are incompatible with the Community Patch. So far the only ones that seem to work is Alliance and Asari. Which is a bit of a shame kinda. I really wanted to play as the Asari so not a big bummer the the others do not work.
Ah yes, "Reapers" Nov 6, 2016 @ 9:20am 
You deserve a medal for making Blasto the leader of the Hanar.
Can you make a giant-ass council civilization lead by our boi Shepard with a bunch of unique units to counter the Reapers?