Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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The Official /r/civ AI Domination Game Pack
The mods being used in the Official /r/civ AI Domination Game
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More Pantheons - Addon
Created by Barathor
This mod requires my other one, "More Luxuries"....
More Luxuries
Created by Barathor

Adds nine more luxuries to the game and an additional Mercantile city-state luxury. Overall, they function the same as the existing luxuries and utilize the same placement and balancing methods.

Also, this mod fixes a few...
Longer Eras - Historic
Created by Chuck Finley
For those of you who loved this mod and are not playing CivBE I have created a new version of it for that game. You can find the download here:

Creates a new era called Histo...
Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack
Created by Gedemon
Earth maps with True Starting Location and custom options featuring advanced setup screen, optional realistic resources placement and hotseat.

Compatibility: Civ5 vanilla, Gods+Kings, Brave New World and all DLC

YnAEMP DLL 43 civs
Created by Gedemon
43 Civs DLL to use with Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack and Brave New World or Gods+Kings. Not compatible with mapscripts. Known bug: only 22 civs will have a 3D diploscreen, the 12 others will be blank (you can get a 2D static replacement by using the Y...
Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin)
Created by JFD

  • Enemy units may take extra damage in your borders, or in the borders of allied City-States, or Civilizations with whom you share an Ideology.
  • Earn Influence per turn wit
The Republic of Carthage (Hannibal) (BNW)
Created by JFD
Adds Carthage led by Hannibal as a playable civilization. Does not replace Dido' Carthage.

For more information, please see the wikia[] or the mod's [url=http://forums.c...
The Kingdom of Norway (BNW)
Created by JFD
Adds Norway led by Haakon IV as a playable civilization.

For more information, please see the wikia[] or the mod's [url=
JFD's The Empire of Germany (Hitler)
Created by JFD
See Steam Workshop or CivFanatics for full details....
Japan (Tojo)
Created by JFD

Gain Science for each new Coast or Ocean Tile acquired; doubled in conquered cities. Produce Naval Units 50% faster in conquered cities.

The Kingdom of France (Louis XIV) (BNW)
Created by JFD
Adds France led by Louis XIV as a playable civilization. Does not replace Napoleon's France.

For more information, please see the wikia[] or the mod's [url=http://forums...
The Kingdom of Armenia (BNW)
Created by JFD
This mod adds the Kingdom of Armenia under Tiridates III to the game.


Please read the description before commenting!

The Kingdom of Armenia
  • The Illuminat
Aggressive and Expansive AI
Created by Krajzen
Increases AI expansionist and military tendencies - way too many people have complained on passive nature of BNW AI :)
I increased all AI leaders' victory/wonder/city state competitiveness, possible war approach and possibility of war declaration, as well...
Faster Plot Expansion
Created by Krajzen
Cultural cost of gaining new plot is reduced by 1/3. Now 'holes on the map' fill faster, borders looks better, and this is yet another buff for originally underpowered wide empires....
(BNW) Leugi's Israel Civilization
Created by Leugi
Adds the Israelite Civilization to Brave New World, with King David as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music and a 3D leaderscene.
Barbarian Inmersion Enhancements
Created by Leugi
Adds features (Era Name Change, Barbarian Generals, Era Promotions) to enhance barbarians ingame, both for flavour and gameplay reasons.
[BNW] Argentina Civilization
Created by Leugi
Adds the Argentine Civilization to Brave New World, with Eva Perón as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.
Patria Grande: Gran Colombia Civilization
Created by Leugi
Adds the Gran Colombia civilization with Simón Bolivar as its leader!

Steam Workshop | [url=
[BNW] Chile Civilization
Created by Leugi
Adds the Chile Civilization to Brave New World, with Bernardo O'higgins as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.
Civ Names by Policies
Created by Lex
For BNW only.

If you are going to ask a questions about the mod algorithm, name specific, localization, etc., read the full description before.

Special thanks to SaintDaveUK for many additions to naming system.

Localizations. Wr...
Randomize City Names
Created by Nutzzz
Randomize City Names
for Civilization V [vanilla], Gods + Kings, and Brave New World
by Nutty

Randomizes city names within a civilization's list for every city except the capital. Also affects modded civilizations.

[ Random City Names, Rand...
MC's Buccaneers
Created by Pouakai
A name that struck fear into all within the Caribbean, the Buccaneers were the most feared pirates of the age of sail, plundering ports of friend and foe alike. They sought only bounty and glory, and frequently became the enemy of those who sought to use t...
MC's Polynesian Civilisation Pack
Created by Pouakai
Polynesia is the term for a cultural region in the Pacific Ocean spanning from the three extremities of Hawaii, Aotearoa / New Zealand and Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and including well over one thousand islands. These islands are full of vastly differing an...
Ayyubid Civilization
Created by Pouakai
The Ayyubid dynasty was a sultanate centred in Cairo between the 12th and 14th centuries. At its peak, it rules swathes of North Africa and the Middle East, from Sana'a to Tunis to Damascus. The dynasty was founded by Saladin, a man known throughout the wo...
MC's India Civilisation Pack
Created by Pouakai
The Indian Subcontinent was home to many empires and countless cultures which rose and fell throughout its recorded history. Nestled between the Indus and Ganges rivers, Indian civilizations developed a unique culture of unparalelled grandiosity, majesty a...
Created by Rob K
Adds time based graphs showing civilizations' score, gold, military power, etc., visual representation of global relationships and tons of extra info on each civ. To access the Info Addict screen, hit the scroll button underneath the turn indicator and sel...
Gallia, Qin & Tahiti - Civ Set IX
Created by Teddyk
Mod is created for and tested on GK + BNW.



The Hittites (Brave New World)
Created by Tomatekh
Adds the Hittites to the base game.

The Hittites were a Bronze Age power centered in Anatolia and one of the four major empires of the period alongside Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt. One of the earliest off-shoots of the Indo-European family, they ...
The Sioux (Brave New World)
Created by Tomatekh
Adds the Sioux to the base game.

The Sioux are a Native American people in North America, traditionally belonging to the Great Sioux Nation or Seven Council Fires. They can be subdivided into three major divisions based on dialect and culture: th...
Mali (Brave New World)
Created by Tomatekh
Adds Mali to the base game.

One of the great centers of Islamic culture and wealth, Mali was one of sub-Saharan Africa's most influential empires. It owed much of its reputation to its situation as a major trading center, effectively controlling ...
Historical Religions Complete (BNW or GK)
Created by Tomatekh
This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod (you do not need to use the main mod to use this version), which can be found here:

Historical Religions (BNW or GK)...
Kongo (Brave New World)
Created by Tomatekh
Adds Kongo to the base game.

The Kingdom of Kongo was an African kingdom located in west central Africa in what is now northern Angola, Cabinda, the Republic of the Congo, and the western portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At its gr...
Ingame Editor
Created by donquiche
An in-game editor to alter the map and many other things on the fly.

- Edit or paint terrain, features, natural wonders, resources, improvements, rivers, fog, etc.
- Change cities' religion followers, population,...
Conquest for Unique Unit
Created by salty
Captured City can train Original Owner's Unique Units.
Original & GNK & BNW Design to support all DLC and Mod.

Detail of this mod
  • All Cities keep thier cultural appearance.
  • Training other Civilization's unique unit cost 15
North Korea (G&K)
Created by kingchris20
Adds the North Korean civilization to the game. This is the modern version of North Korea, and has Kim Jong-un as its supreme leader, with civilopedia entries.

Unique Ability: (Nuclear Bully) Unit maintenance cost reduced by 33%, Uranium resources doub...
Sukritact's Khmer Civilization
Created by sukritact
This mod adds the Khmer Civilization to the game, available for anyone with Brave New World.


Great Barays of Angkor:
Choose between a Food and a Faith boost upon the completio
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Feb 27, 2015 @ 3:55am
sadly most mods are not linux compatible
Lmao ZeDong
< >
Emperor Hadrius May 14, 2016 @ 8:02am 
Doing my own 62 civ game (with an active role as Assyria, they are the best civ ever, research? Who needs research when i have an army) Anyways when i got to medieval era (and had full control of the middle east (on king), the game crashed, anyone have any idea why?)
hank.jpeg Apr 12, 2016 @ 1:51pm 
some of these mods wont show up in my list? help?
Soldaten116 Feb 21, 2016 @ 1:45pm 
One of these mods is causing no resource deposits at all to appear in my game. Anyone know which one?
Kang Youwei Nov 16, 2015 @ 4:43am 
Just use IGE, and hit Reveal All.
macapinlacc Nov 2, 2015 @ 9:23am
this is the collection for battle royale v2
ebelt119 Sep 28, 2015 @ 5:41pm 
What MOD is used to be able to see the map fully without the darkness or fog of war?
88Kench Sep 23, 2015 @ 8:16am 
Can we make a list of non-mac/non-linux compatible.
Kesler Jul 13, 2015 @ 6:00am 
I guess this should be called the Mk. 1 pack
JustWilhelm Jun 23, 2015 @ 10:04am 
Sorry. It's just a bit annoying when things never work.

Anyway, I got things working with the help of the debug panel and now I have an A.I. battle royale game running (albeit without Chile, Gran Comumbia,or Argentina).

Thank you anyway.
TPangolin  [author] Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:47pm 
Civs work properly when they're installed. You need to read the instructions regarding manual installation.
The map includes way more than one map, are you sure you're using the right mod?
Colonialist Legacies civs are taking a break from this pack because of obscure errors that show up in the civ descriptions.
No idea how to fix the missing city bug, I think that's a problem with individual mods.