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Civ Names by Policies
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Civ Names by Policies

For BNW only.

If you are going to ask a questions about the mod algorithm, name specific, localization, etc., read the full description before.

Special thanks to SaintDaveUK for many additions to naming system.

Localizations. Write your name here.

Spanish — ffdeke
Polish — perttu85
Chinese — Tino
Russian — me
English — me

What’s the mod doing?

The mod gives country name for every civilization. A name is based on applied social politics, size of country, its religion and number of vassals and puppet cities.

You can see short country names in every places when civ’s name is used and the full name—in tooltip on short country names on DiploList.


  • Democratic Republic of France
  • German Catholic Order
  • Socialist Soviet Republic of Austria
  • American Chiefdom
  • Hunnic Confederation
  • Maya Commonwealth
  • Fascist Empire of England

How does it work?

Well. Overall social progress of a country is the sum of all adapted policies If the number is small then country has primitive government, so its name will be “English Tribe” or, later, “English Chiefdom”.

If you country got the name like “England” or “France”, it doesn’t mean the mod stops working. Vanilla names are “English Empire” or so. Name like “England” is the one of probable stages of young states, forming nation.

In addition, country has its way. There are four of them and each one’s level is the sum of policies of some policy branches. The one, which has biggest level, defines the country name structure.

Liberal = Liberty + Commerce + Freedom

Autocratic = Tradition + Honor + Piety + Autocracy

Theocratic = Piety + Religion Score

Communist = Rationalism + Patronage + Order

By the way, “order” is named “communism” in the mod.

Religion score is the function of percent of dominating religion believers in your population. It is not linear, so you have rather small score if the percent is 30, but very high if the one is 95.

Each way has different forms and it’s based on adopted policies too. For example, communist country may be more or less democratic. In the first case, a name contains “Democratic” or “Soviet” word. And for example if country is very progressive—many communist policies are adopted—then its name contains word “Communist”. If, on the other hand, its progress is low then just “Socialist” word is used.

In the medieval era, country can be a kingdom, but if it goes farther by the same autocratic way then it will become nationalist or fascist one.

But not only country way matters. Size of country changes the state name. Small one is named “County”, bigger is named “Duchy”. Therefore, country can be “Kingdom”, “Great Kingdom” or even “Empire”.

Last, but not least, the proportion of vassal and puppet cities generates country name parts too. If you have 1/3 of puppets then your “Republic” is “Federal”, if the half of your cities are puppets and vassals then you country is “Confederation”, “Empire” or “Commonwealth”.

Some religions can change your country name too. For example, huge Islamic empire can be “Caliphate”.

Therefore, the naming logic is rather complex and I cannot describe all the cases.


If you play with “Civ IV Diplomatic Features” mod then you can have not only CS vassals, but major country as a vassal. The “Civ Names” mod cares it.

Since v6 dynamic names is used for City-State civilizations too. Due to the lack of adapted social policies in City-States, the mod uses different logic for them. If CS has an ally (CS is vassal in the mod’s logic), it uses ally’s policies. They are multiplied by 0.8, but the policy corresponding to CS trait is multiplied by 1.6. So, vassals are in just the same way as its suzerain: if suzerain is “Kingdom”, most of its vassals are “Counties” and “Duchies”. However, for example, if City-State has “religious” trait then it can be “Bishopric”.

If CS is free, its policies are the mean values of these policy values of major countries, which it already met. However, countries, which CS does not know about, are lowering its policy values. So, CS in the middle of high-populated continent will be on about the same level as the major countries. On the other hand, CS on faraway island will be “Chiefdom” until many other countries find it.


Settings are in the beginning of “CivNames.lua” file.

defaultForm — you may choose name form that you like more. “English Kingdom” as in earlier versions or “Kingdom of England” or even random of two of these. Some forms are locked (“Arabian Tribe”, not “Tribe of Arabia”) and some nations have only one available form (the ones, who have no country name: “The Huns”, for example), but the others use the “defaultForm”.

shortNameMaxLen — maximum length of short name.

minPeriod — if country name are changed, next changes for this country name cannot take place earlier than this number of turns.

useForMinors — use dynamic names for City-States. If not then simple vanilla names are used.

useSoviet — word “soviet” is from the Russian language. It means about a “council”, but it is not a full synonym of “council”. “Soviet system” is a democratic system in which all people are the members of “soviets” (“councils”) and every “soviet” send delegates to form “soviet” of higher level. For example, every city soviet sends delegates to form region soviet and every region soviet—to form all country soviet. The mod uses this word to separate “true socialist democracy” from “bourgeois democracy”. However, if you feel this word is “country specific”, you can turn it off and the mod will use word “council” instead. It’s not the same, but it’s close.

useFascist — fascism is the evil, but this is just a game. If we play some fantasy planet in which there was no WW2 and Fascists/Nazis were not defeated, we can imagine that they use word “Fascist” in country names, as we are now using words “Democratic” or “Socialist”. But, if it is too unrealistic for you… just turn it off.

useReich — word “Reich” is the one of many reference to Holy Roman Empire and ancient Roman Empire. Nazis used it in meaning “huge empire of German nation”. There is no special word for this, so the mod uses form “Kingdom/Empire of Some Nation” for early nationalist states and word “Reich” to emphasize its modern form. Turn it off if you don’t like it.


  • The mod doesn't affect saved games, so you can turn it on and off when you wish

  • Country's name doesn't affect on any game bonuses, only policies do

  • Leader's title depends on his or her country's name

  • This mod can work with Civ IV Diplomatic Features mod and without it


Some mods can replace “DiploList.lua” or “EspionageOverview.lua”. In this case, these mods could partially stop working or tooltip with full country name could not showing.

“Trade Opportunities” mod dialog has too narrow “Name” column to see even a short name. Hope, mod's author will fix it.

You may do the quick fix by yourself:

Find in file

UI - Trade Opportunities\UI\InGame\Popups\DiploTradesStatus.lua

the line


and change „ShortDescription“ to „Adjective“.


Since v6, the mod is localization ready. If you want to localize it, please, do not make xml-files. Ask me and I will give you xls-file that I use for localizing process.
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