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Shadow Realm Expansion - Content - BETA
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Nov 16, 2018 @ 7:54am
Dec 22, 2021 @ 11:48am
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Shadow Realm Expansion - Content - BETA

The Shadow Realm Community Expansion is currently in open beta! Most of the planned content is included, but all is not yet finalized. There may also be some game breaking bugs. The campaign is still a work in progress. Scenario 3 is still under development.

In particular, when you switch the expansion ON or OFF, please use the "Restore default" option in the first screen when starting a new RMG map. Otherwise you'll probably experience crashes. Theoretically, this should have been fixed in version 1.802, see here

There is a list of known issues on the official forums here[]. Reports of any other issues are more than welcome!

Anyone interested in helping with the continued development of this expansion can drop by this thread[] on the official forums. All ability levels welcome!

The Shadow Realm Community Expansion is a coherent and relatively large package of additional content for AoW3 built by a team of more than 10 volunteers for over 2 years. It contains:
- 1 new layer, the Shadow Realm layer
- 1 new playable race, the Shadow Elves
- 1 new dwelling: the (living) Archons
- Other new units including Shadow Demons roamers and the Archon Legionnary
- Over 15 new sites including spawners, visit sites, and a new Heart.
- New Mystical City Upgrades for many of the new sites
- More than 40 new abilities
- 1 new campaign featuring 3 scenarios (scenarios 2 and 3 incomplete)

A full manual of the expansion is available here[] on the AoW3 Wikia that details the newly added content.

Required Mod:
- Decodence Map Editor Content

Required for full RMG Integration:
- Shadow Realm RMG

Campaign Content:
- Shadow Realm Campaign

Many thanks to Charlatan and Gloweye for their work on the Decodence mods upon which this expansion is based.

Other Contributors to the expansion:
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Aug 7, 2019 @ 1:38pm
Any map pack for this mod?
Jan 12, 2020 @ 10:28am
Inflict Marked by Shadow and Exploit Shadow
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Gladen  [author] 2 hours ago 

Only thing mentioned is to "restore default" before any RMG creation, add each required mods and remove mods unrelated to Shadow Realm expansion, Shadow RMG mod, Decodence Map content, Wasteland Expansion and the compatible patch between Shadow Realm and Wasteland.

Use this 5 MODS only and try again to begin with "restore default" when you go into first screen of RMG settings.

When you get your game to work. You can try applying a 6th mod. Then a 7th and so on...

When you get a crash disable the last one added.
kaanis07 9 hours ago 
Hi I just downloaded wastelands but its getting stuck on the preparing scenario screen i have the following mods selected but i cant get past the loading screen Empire Building Mod (EMPIRE BUILDING MOD [76561198149146761]\Empire Building Mod.acp) 1: Racial Heritage Mod (RACIALHERITAGEMOD [76561198077236807]\RacialHeritageMod.acp) 0: Wasteland Expansion (WASTELANDERS CAMPAIGN [76561198152023038]\WASTELANDERS CAMPAIGN.acp) 0: Legendary Units (LEGENDARY UNITS [76561198035394436]\Legendary Units.acp)
Cookiesnm1lk May 27 @ 7:10pm 
so i'm surprised you made your own archons instead of using the existing ones. see "racial heritage"
victory5026 May 12 @ 9:37am 
Great job on the mod
Warpig May 1 @ 6:37pm 
It would probably make more sense for them to make it compatible with yours.
Warpig May 1 @ 6:35pm 
I understand. I consider your mod like an official expansion so naturally I hope all the mods i use will work with it. Seriously, It's absolutely top notch work.
Gladen  [author] Apr 18 @ 7:11pm 
@Wodan I been investigating this topic. Its a lot of work and edits. Im not sure we will see a patch.
Warpig Apr 18 @ 2:06pm 
Is there any compatibility with Empire building mod?
Gladen  [author] Feb 23 @ 11:41am 
@Vile Beggar.

Either you find a Shadow Gate a purple portal or you did not press ”Restore Default" button before generating a map.

Make sure to have the Shadow Realm RMG enabled to ensure the layer generation
Vile Beggar Feb 21 @ 11:55pm 
how do you get to the shadow realm from the surface and vice versa?