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Shadow Realm RMG
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Nov 16, 2018 @ 7:56am
Sep 12, 2021 @ 1:30pm
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Shadow Realm RMG

The Shadow Realm Community Expansion is currently in open beta! Most of the planned content is included, but all is not yet finalized. There may also be some game breaking bugs. The campaign is still a work in progress. Scenario 3 is still under development.

In particular, when you switch the expansion ON or OFF, please use the "Restore default" option in the first screen when starting a new RMG map. Otherwise you'll probably experience crashes. Theoretically, this should have been fixed in version 1.802, see here

There is a list of known issues on the official forums here[]. Reports of any other issues are more than welcome!

Anyone interested in helping with the continued development of this expansion can drop by this thread[] on the official forums. All ability levels welcome!

This mod allows full integration of the Shadow Realm Expansion content (including the new Shadow Realm layer) into the Random Map Generator.

Unfortunately, the new layer and climates do not work with the advanced setting sliders during RMG setup.

Required Mods:
- Decodence Map Editor Content
- Shadow Realm Content

This mod is no longer required:
- Decodence RMG
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Nov 1, 2021 @ 1:18pm
Bug list
< >
BladeofSharpness Sep 21 @ 1:27am 
If that's not crystal clear, and for people who don't feel like reading too many things in several places: WARNING WARNING WARNING.

To have a functional Shadow Realm plane, you need after installing the mod to click on DEFAULT in the map RNG parameters panel. This will make sure the gates between the Surface and the Shadow realm are there. From there, edit the parameters as you wish.

To confirm this, it is advised to create a small map, then activate the debugging console* (ctrl alt C), then type BARENTZ. This will remove fog of war. If you see gateways, then you are good. If not, exit and click again on DEFAULT.
*: Console can only be activated if in the launcher Miscellanous tab, you checked 'run in debug mode'.

You don't have to do that each time you create a map, only the first time after installing the mod.
Happy gaming!
Bunchwald Apr 21 @ 3:02am 
@gladen i managed to fix it, dont know how, but i did, thank you
Gladen Jan 14 @ 8:43am 
@Bunchwald Initially we had this option in the beginning, but it was quite buggy. Shadow gates appeared in water, strange locations, in wierd places underground surrounded by rocks and oftentimes two Shadow gates appeared in the same locations.

We had to remove the underground gates sadly as it created to much issues.

I have yet to understand the RMG better to fully sort that out, as it's by no means easy.
Bunchwald Jan 14 @ 8:15am 
there is any way to play surface shadow realm and underground, that make possible to go from underground to the shadow and surface ?
Multifaced Jan 3 @ 12:00am 
Thanks, will give that a go. Been fun playing it otherwise, good fun mod.
Gladen Jan 2 @ 11:46pm 

Just once. If you leave all mods active it's enable when you have pressed the ”Default button”.

When you play ”vanilla" without Shadow Realm Rmg and so on. You press it again to ”unhook”

The same can be said for ”Double Underground” mod as it uses the same solution as we did with a 2nd underground instead.
Multifaced Jan 2 @ 11:16pm 
Does it have to be pressed every time you play the game? Or just once before generating the map?
Gladen Jan 2 @ 11:02pm 

I'm the discussion section of this mod. Read the thread ”Bug List” I posted a deeper understanding of this problem. The connection between Shadow Realm and Surface layer is linked and hooked up with "Restore Default” button that has to pressed before generating a map

It's not a pretty solution, but it's the only one so far found
Multifaced Jan 2 @ 10:46pm 
Inside the match in options menu I have to click restore defaults?
HousePet  [author] Jan 2 @ 10:45pm 
Did you press Restore Defaults after activating this mod?