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Shadow Realm Expansion - Content - BETA
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Nov 16, 2018 @ 7:54am
Dec 26, 2020 @ 9:44am
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Shadow Realm Expansion - Content - BETA

The Shadow Realm Community Expansion is currently in open beta! Most of the planned content is included, but all is not yet finalized. There may also be some game breaking bugs. The campaign is still a work in progress. Scenario 3 is still under development.

In particular, when you switch the expansion ON or OFF, please use the "Restore default" option in the first screen when starting a new RMG map. Otherwise you'll probably experience crashes. Theoretically, this should have been fixed in version 1.802, see here

There is a list of known issues on the official forums here[]. Reports of any other issues are more than welcome!

Anyone interested in helping with the continued development of this expansion can drop by this thread[] on the official forums. All ability levels welcome!

The Shadow Realm Community Expansion is a coherent and relatively large package of additional content for AoW3 built by a team of more than 10 volunteers for over 2 years. It contains:
- 1 new layer, the Shadow Realm layer
- 1 new playable race, the Shadow Elves
- 1 new dwelling: the (living) Archons
- Other new units including Shadow Demons roamers and the Archon Legionnary
- Over 15 new sites including spawners, visit sites, and a new Heart.
- New Mystical City Upgrades for many of the new sites
- More than 40 new abilities
- 1 new campaign featuring 3 scenarios (scenarios 2 and 3 incomplete)

A full manual of the expansion is available here[] on the AoW3 Wikia that details the newly added content.

Required Mod:
- Decodence Map Editor Content

Required for full RMG Integration:
- Decodence RMG
- Shadow Realm RMG

Many thanks to Charlatan and Gloweye for their work on the Decodence mods upon which this expansion is based.

Other Contributors to the expansion:
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Gladen  [author] May 16 @ 12:11pm 
It should be fixed into next update. No quest rewards were created in the Dwelling.rpk for living archons.

Were always interested in help. What's most intriguing at the moment is the RMG level generator creating a more solid and stable shadow realm. Contact Hiliadan and he can provide you some details.
kaetzer May 16 @ 7:18am 
ah, i thought as much
can i help in any way? by now i decently know my way around the editor
Gladen  [author] May 14 @ 9:43am 
@kaetzer thats not intentional. I will look into when I got time. There is a few bugs haunting this mod and thats mostly due to we have not set the proper quest rewards yet for living archons yet
kaetzer May 14 @ 9:36am 
the living archons give undead archon units as quest rewards, is that a bug in the mod or is there something messed up on my end?
jeonter May 13 @ 11:33pm 
I recommend using Quo's specialization with this mod. It adds moonship which is kinda simmilar to forceship from SM. Its not class or race specified so you can use freely with shadow elves by selecting specialization
Venator May 2 @ 4:57pm 
I love it. This mod has made my transition from AoW2 happy and complete.
jeonter Mar 23 @ 10:42am 
I wish shadow elves have syron forceship from aow2
hiliadan  [author] Jan 27 @ 2:25pm 
CPU is mostly unrelated to this. The thing that might cause crash is memory (RAM) but it's more related to inherent limits to AoW3's 32 bits than to the Shadow Realm expansion specifically. Also, I doubt you get crash if you use only this mod. I suggest we talk about it on Steam chat. It's quite likely you were getting crashes due to using the RMG mod and not hitting the "reset default" button.
skaz88 Jan 27 @ 1:39pm 
What kind of processing power is needed for this mod? When I've tried it in the past I usually crash during RMG generation.
That Human Jan 11 @ 9:57pm 
Yeah, I was a bit of an idiot and managed to skip that part of the description. Works now!