Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III

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Decodence - Map Editor Content
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Sep 18, 2015 @ 9:18pm
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Decodence - Map Editor Content

Decodence Mod: Various Editor Upgrades!

Decodence Mod wants to satisfy your decadence - create decorated decadent maps - decorative decals now included!


= OPTIONAL RMG Integration Patch =
Adds Decodence's new Structures and Climates to the RMG
Special Thanks to Gloweye for handling this one.

= OPTIONAL Compatibility Patch: The Old Man And The Sea =
Makes Decodence RMG compatible with "The Old Man And The Sea" by Eomolch.
ONLY use it with Decodence, Decodence RMG *and* The Old Man And The Sea activated!

Current Version:

Current Content:

=> The return of the "Shadow Realm" Map Layer !

=> 2 new Terrain Themes: Autumn and Tundra

=> A huge collection of new Editor Decoration Items !

=> "Light Vegetation" variants of the forrests and similar foliage

=> A collection of new Treasure Sites

=> A collection of new colored water: 9 new colors !

=> Subterrenean Hexes are now available on the Surface too

Legal Crap:

Don't upload this elsewhere and don't claim this to be your work! I made this for everyone to create new things, so if you need some source file or model, just send me a message!
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Charlatan  [author] May 13 @ 11:18pm 
Alright! I'll fix it when I get the time, thanks for pointing it out. I wonder how it happened oO I dont recall noticing copies myself.
Gladen May 12 @ 3:09am 
You're welcome. ^ ^ The Scarlet shrine shows up all the time due to being a copy. Should be just a matter of deleting a row completly and it should be fixed :)
Charlatan  [author] May 12 @ 2:51am 
The bumps are fine! I want my mod to be fixed and free of issues for everyone foremostly :(
The shrine of the dreadnaught god was never finished, instead, I made the dreadnaught workshop / factory visit structure ^^

As for the scarlet shrine issues.... I am afraid I am a little confused, since it happens only 50% of the time oO if it was a real bug it should always happen, also, the scarlet shrine in the data files should not show up at all, hum..... I must look into this.
Gladen May 11 @ 1:48pm I'm back with a picture. I decided to do a little dectetive work and load a dummy mod with decodence as a package in mod editor. On row 42 I can see a second Scarlet Destroyer shrine in the AoW_structure.rpk.

Should be sufficient and great if it can be updated :) Sorry for the amount of thread bumping ^ ^

Gladen May 11 @ 1:28pm 
I would say it's very interesting copy/bug of a structures. ^ ^ Out of curiosity, "Shrine of the Dreadnaught God" which is a never implemented structure found in the excel document of the decodence mod. Interesting if this building still persist in the actual source of the mod and is treated as a scarlet destroyer and linked to a copy.

For the haunted inn it's really something odd. When downloading it again it can show a 2nd broken model 50% of the times.

And no other mod is loaded except decodence.
Charlatan  [author] May 11 @ 5:37am 
dont worry tho Gladen ^^ I want to fix this for you, I just am a lil' lost
Charlatan  [author] May 11 @ 5:36am 
magically fixed itself?
Gladen May 11 @ 2:13am 
Yeah I know this been around for quite some times. :) I downloaded on new a couple of times and removed the mod to ensure I see it clearly. The second scarlet destroyer shrine is still there. But the Haunted inn suprisly magically fixed itself. :) So I would like to say their is only one problem with a second shrine.
Charlatan  [author] May 10 @ 11:55pm 
huh ! this is new. Could it be the installation of the mod bugged? Steam workshop sometimes has connection issues and doesnt download a mod properly.

I say this 'cause my mod has been around for a few years, but this bug has not happened before x_x
Gladen May 9 @ 12:14pm and follow thoose link and it gives you two images. Both screenshoots only use the decodence mod enabled :)