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Uuugggg's RimWorld mods
Some mods that "should be in the base game"

I play, I run into an annoyance, I make a mod to fix it.
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Gear Up And Go
Created by Uuugggg
Adds a button to draft, swap gear, then go to the target location


"A Raid! Is it time for battle!"

"Suit up!"

"Okay I've got my armor vest, I'm going to go plant some corn"

"I've already got armor so I'm still mining"

Meals On Wheels
Created by Uuugggg
Colonists grab meals from animals, or each other, if needed - if there is nothing else available.


"I'm so hungry, but there is no food"

"You dumbass there's food on the muffalo"

"... muffalos scare me."


Doesn't need new save, does...
Safely Hidden Away
Created by Uuugggg
Bases that are in remote locations don't get raided as often. Travel time to islands is determined by nearest coast, plus a few days.

Caravans/visitors also don't visit as often.

High wealth can cancel out the delay though.

Configurable delay ti...
Smart Medicine
Created by Uuugggg
Doctors can hold and use medicine from their inventory, plus a few more smart things


"Alright, that raider base was tough, but we killed them all and we can recover here for a day"

"I'm going to rest until healed"

"I will patch up that woun...
Thick Armor
Created by Uuugggg
Multi-layer armor applies its armor value for each layer it occupies.
How effective this is can be configured in the settings. Recommend ~60%


A flak vest + flak jacket could outperform Marine Armor (for sharp attacks on torso, with low armor pen...
Five Second Rule
Created by Uuugggg
Deteriorated food/items that don't become worse with low HP also don't sell for less.

Now, this is crudely done by setting their HP to full if placed safely: under an indoor roof or on a shelf.

But their HP literally affects nothing other than marke...
TD Enhancement Pack
Created by Uuugggg
A whole bunch of UI enhancements or tiny improvements.

Most things can be toggled on/off in settings. Features that only add a little UI or don't really change how the game works will default on, but features that change how something works will default...
Room Food
Created by Uuugggg
Prefer to get food from the dining room.

"A dining room" is defined as "room with a table".

Colonists will get food from the nearest room with a table, before checking elsewhere.
This includes lower quality food and nutrient paste dispensers even if...
Mining Priority
Created by Uuugggg
Prioritizes mining to the rarest metal first; unskilled miners only work rocks.


"Hey! A plasteel meteorite dropped! Let's go mine that valuable ore!"

"Okay, I'll put it on the list of things to do, after we finish tunneling the next few rooms"...
What Is My Purpose
Created by Uuugggg
See your pawn's target, and click to look at it : "What Is My Purpose?"

Any target also shows who is targeting it : "I Am Whose Purpose?"

Hold down the mouse on the target to track it.

Right click to select all reserved things.


Ludeon Fo...
Use Bedrolls
Created by Uuugggg
Bedrolls are used from the inventory. When a pawn needs to rest but can't find a bed, he'll place a bedroll from his inventory (he can find an uninstalled bed on the ground, or in some other inventory)

Bedrolls are picked back up after sleeping.

Share The Load
Created by Uuugggg
Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint at the same time.

Share The Load tracks what is needed and doesn't deliver too much.

Multiple people also clear things out of the way for construction as well.

Would you believe trees in the wa...
Replace Stuff
Created by Uuugggg
Place buildings anywhere, on top of existing things, and the game will handle it

- Replace the stuff that the building is made from ( replace a wooden wall with slate wall )
- Upgrade things: like doors to autodoors, beds to bigger beds, workben...
Fuel Economy
Created by Uuugggg
Transport Pods use less fuel for less mass ; Small 20kg Transport Pod for more efficiently transporting small amounts

Customizable pod weight for how broken you want it to be; The default is that an empty pod will consume 50% as much fuel ...
Random Research
Created by Uuugggg
A scenario option for random research, with optional blind research: You don't even know what is being researched (until a certain amount of progress is made)

Note that you do need to Turn it on as a scenario option. Which is to say, you can keep...
The Price Is Right
Created by Uuugggg
Your Caravans trade closer to market price instead of the meager 2% caravan bonus

Even a 30% bonus is weighted against a 50% selling penalty, so game difficulty and skill is still relevant.

Colonists on a caravan get a Mood bonus, more if they have...
Stockpile Ranking
Created by Uuugggg
" "Makes stockpiles better" " - Mehni


Stockpiles prefer certain items, but if none are available, allows others.


Set multiple ranked filters for stockpiles, to prefer some items over others. Only the highest ranked items will be put in...
Crazy Cat Lady
Created by Uuugggg
Adds the colonist trait: "Crazy Cat Lady"

Such a person will be very sad with no cats, but very happy with lots of cats.

This person will also be distracted by cats every so often (when they are nuzzled)


modded cats? Well, anything that use...
Everybody Gets One
Created by Uuugggg
Set a bill to craft things until there's one for each member of the colony. When someone joins, the bill target count automatically increases.

You'll want to Check "Count Equipped" for this, I imagine.

- "One per colonist + X" : Set it "+2" to keep t...
Ground Scanner Redesign [1.0-only]
Created by Uuugggg
Redesigns how the 1.0 Ground-penetrating scanner works.

!!Version 1.1 RimWorld already updated the Ground-penetrating scanner, so this is a dead mod!!

(albeit there is room for a "surface resource scanner" that would be a new building and a n...
List Everything
Created by Uuugggg
List and Alert about things on the map with custom search filters.

List all forbidden things.

List all equipped weapons.

List all colonists without pants.

List all fully grown trees.

List whatever you want.



- F...
Build From Inventory
Created by Uuugggg
Construction will use things in your colonist or pack animal's inventory.

They only do if there's nothing available elsewhere.


This is perhaps the most unneeded, but still-should-be mod. If you're going on a raid and you want to build some san...