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Old World Blues


War, war never changes.

Old World Blues is a total overhaul for Hearts of Iron IV: starting in the year 2275 and set in the Fallout universe. Experience the postapocalypse like never before with a dynamic war system that ensures that the AI nations act on their own, respond to aggression, and strike when their opponents are weak. Forty seven national focus trees—ten of which are generic—keep the game exciting as numerous powers contest in a battle to control the Wasteland. With the use of “Historic Focuses”, you get to decide the path famous Fallout factions took, directing generic nations, and changing history as you see fit.

Old World Blues is the definitive Fallout experience for Hearts of Iron IV, a total overhaul that uses its expansive list of changes to make the game a truly new and unforgettable experience. With over three years of development time and glowing reviews across the board, we assure you; you’re in good hands here. Welcome to the wasteland, friend.

  • An entirely custom map of North America
  • 11300 provinces
  • 866 states
  • 146 nations
  • 923,192 lines of code
  • 9736 files
  • Mountain ranges realistically represented as impassable terrain
  • Navigable rivers made of sea terrain spanning the entire map.
  • 13 new unit types
  • Custom unit voices for major nations
  • Custom unit models for each nation type: mexican, tribal, settler, raider, ghoul, and super mutant!
  • Unique 3D models for iconic Fallout robots
  • Detailed and animated power armour models
  • Unique 3D models for motorised and mechanised infantry
  • Unique infantry models for the Aztlan, Itza, NCR, Legion, and Vault City
  • 989 custom focus icons
  • 718 new idea icons
  • Events and descriptions themed to perfectly match the Fallout style
  • 37 unique focus trees centred around important Fallout factions
  • 4 generic focus trees representing different groups in Fallout: raiders, tribals, utah tribals, and settlers
  • 6 themed puppet focus trees representing the outcome of large nations installing hegemonies across the wasteland
  • 4 new ideologies representing the nature of groups found in Fallout: Elites, Intellectuals, Ruler, and People.
  • Custom artwork for all leaders and generals
  • Unique Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and perks replacing Leader Traits, making each military leader a real wastelander.
  • A one-of-a-kind research tree that converts the diversity of Fallout’s technology into HOI4 seamlessly
  • A unique series of government laws and systems that enable developers and players to express the unique quirks of Fallout's many distinct societies
  • Every music track from Fallout bundled with a custom music-player
  • An extensive and incredibly talented submodding community
  • A unique scavenging system that immerses the player in the Fallout world
  • A unique caps economy system, with ties to scavenging, gun markets, slavery, and drugs
  • Savage raiding mechanics for the mightiest raiders on the west coast, the Broken Coast
  • An ancient intelligence who slumbers within the heart of Mexico

Nations with focus trees: New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, Western Brotherhood, Washington Brotherhood, Mojave Chapter, Broken Coast, New Vegas, New Reno, Vault City, Desert Rangers, Troll Warren, New Canaan, Heaven’s Gate, Great Khans, Republic of the Ruo Grande, Ejército Mexicano, Chichen Itza, Nueva Aztlán, Free Fighters, Costa Cafeinada, Tierra de los Tzotzil, Tlalocan, Ejército Libertador del Sur, Imperio Mexicano, Excan Tlahtoloyan, The Eighties, White Legs, New Hammond, Lord's Annointed, Murtaugh Reformers, High Chapel, Marrow Drinkers, Bone Dancers, The Apostles, Mirelurk Tribe; alongside 4 generic trees and 6 puppet trees.

  • A fully realised Fallout strategy experience
  • The entire continent of North America covered by factions
  • Every in-lore faction included in some form
  • 3D models for every unit, vehicle, robot, ship, and plane
  • Unique 3D map models depicting icon Fallout locations
  • Numerous news events, country events, etc to make the wasteland less dull
  • Unique decisions for major nations, generic decisions for each of our three primary groups
  • Overhauls of every aspect of the game, making every part of OWB unique

100 weeks and 280,000+ subscribers since its initial release, OWB has returned to the plate with another home run. Spurred on by our fantastic, ever growing community of passionate fans, submodders, and developers we’ve come to the end of our extensive journey across Utah and Oregon. Since development of 2.1 began, we’ve changed over 2,600 files and edited 220,800+ lines of code, alongside adding over 150 focus icons. As always, our passion and determination to give you the best Fallout strategy experience possible remains strong. Thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t do this without you! Everyone here at OWB hopes you enjoy playing 2.1 as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

Current version: 2.2.8
Compatible with: Version 1.9.2
Supported languages:
Important Links:
OWB Public Server[discord.gg]
OWB Twitter
OWB Reddit
Recommended setup:
  • All other mods off EXCEPT OWB and its companion music mod/any submods
  • UI scale of 1.0 (default).
  • Resolution of 1920x1080
  • NATO counters: off
Important Information:
Please be aware that all submods now require the use of the new dependency function added by 1.5.2 to function. If you don’t include this in your .mod file it will not work.
Other Links

Please report any bugs you discover to our “bug reports” channel in our public discord server! (Link can be found above)

The OWB team: Zapdude, Mechano, Loonybinjin, AntoniusMagnus, CelsiuZ, ICodeMaster, Chacolah, Indyclone77, Garnithor, HappyNTH, MrBlazzar, HK33, evil_c0okie, Zusk, David M, LimonenZitrone, wtchappell, Skip, shawniepie, Ritter Runkel, Lightning Eagle, Shudderfly, PineapplePansy, Soviet_Cyber, The Colonel, The Immortal, Dan, Faeelin, T the light tank, Roure, Shoggi, NuclearForest, Teddy, Эльдар, ey_b0ss, Herckeim, and Spart117MC.

Credits can be found in-game in the Pip-Boy PLUS GUI. Thank you to all our contributors who generously gave us permission to use their fantastic work: you’ve helped make OWB what it is today.
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